A little homebrew item for 5e psionics

I decided to make my own go at homebrewing some 5e Wild Psionics rules, we are using Korranberg, but I am allowing other psionic abilities from other books to be used if the player wants. Nothing is random, the player chooses the abilities they can have. Let me know how you feel about it in a 5e context.

Here is a copy and paste of the homebrew item. I have it in pdf if anyone requests it, I can send them it in email.

(We are using Korranberg’s Psionics for my current campaign, but I would allow abilities from The Will and the Way, or The Complete Psionics handbook or another material if the player runs it by me.)

Whenever a character that is not trained in psionics survives a targeted psionic attack or ability, that character gains psi points equal to the amount of psi points used against the character to a maximum of 5 psi points.

If the targeted Psi attack or ability on the character costs more than 5 psi points, the character must roll a mental ability save check -the amount of psi points above 5. Example: a character survives a 7 PSP attack, the character can absorb up to 5 PSPs but must make a Mental saving throw at -2. Some Dark Sun items may temporarily increase the number of PSPs you are able to have. If this is the case with your character, madness does not set in unless it goes over 5 + the temporary PSPs.

In the event the non-Psion character fails the check, the character will develop a Madness at the DMs discretion. The DMG gives a chart for this if you wanted to use it, also the Curse of Strahd has a similar chart.

Your Mental AC is your highest mind stat from Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma. This is your Primary Psionic Stat that you will use for all checks using Psionics. When attacking with a Psionic ability, you use your highest mental stat as your attack modifier. If the psionic ability you are using is your wild talent or wild augment, you may use proficiency. If you are using a psionic ability that is
unknown to you through the use of an item or other odd circumstance, you may not use your proficiency.

If you are using a Psionic ability that is not an attack or does not require the target to roll an ability save, you must roll below your highest mental stat for the effect to manifest. You may subtract your modifier from Your primary mental stat, and subtract your proficiency, if you are proficient in the ability.

At any time during a short or long rest, an untrained character that has psi points may expend psi points and buy 1 psionic augment or 1 psionic talent (psionic cantrip). The augment or talent will become that characters wild psionic ability that your character has awakened. No other augment or talent can then be learned unless the character multiclasses into a psionic class, or has another
ability or feat that grants you an augment. So an untrained character may have one psionic augment and one psionic talent, unless another ability or feat gives them more than one.

Once you have awakened your psionic ability, After a short or long rest, you will always generate psi points up to a maximum of 2, you can never generate more than 2 points on your own, unless you are trained in a psionic class, or unless another ability or feat grants you psi points.

Once you have learned at least one psionic ability, to gain more than 2 psi points the character would need to absorb psi points from being psionicly attacked or having a psionic ability used upon them up to a maximum of 5 psi points and survive.

So in the case in which an untrained character bought a 3rd level psionic wild augment, which normally costs 5 psi points to use, they would only be able to use it if they absorb psi points (or had an item or ability that increases temporary PSPs), but if the same character bought only a 1st level psionic ability the character could use the 2 psi points they generate naturally to cast the psionic ability, without needing outside help.

Trained psionics users do not absorb psi points like non-psionic users, this is due to the training of their mind, they generate enough psionic power on their own that they don’t need to.

In the Dark Sun campaign setting trained Psions are given 2 extra PSPs at first level, and may learn 1 extra talent, and 1 extra Augment. If the character has multiclassed from a non-Psionic class and has already learned 1 wild talent, or 1 wild augment, the character does not receive the extra psionic abilities."


Errata: Korranberg calls one talent “Wild Talent” this is in conflict with my terminology here and in The Will and the Way, so change the Wild Talent talent in Korranberg to Untrained Talent.

Nice one @Jason_Goff I’m going to save this with my 5E psionics research for when I’m going to host a campaign of my own somewhere next year.
Still need to read the Korranberg, hear many people speak highly of it.
What would you say is the best thing of that source compared to others?

Well it fits into 5e pretty smoothly, but it has a few minor issues. Take the good with the bad and add in some of the old stuff when you can. One draw back is that you need to focus on a talent (cantrip) to manifest an augment, which is your standard psionic ability. With the action economy in 5e I don’t think that is feasible, so I will allow an augment be cast without having to cast the talent first, even if the talent is a bonus action, you have to basically waste 2 actions to cast the action you want to…

Yeah that makes a lot of sense.
It’s fine if it’s an augmented augment (basically something additional core to a class’ main abilities) but it’s indeed shitty if that’s part of the main way it works. That’s putting a psion behind in action economy compared to all other classes.

Imagine a fighter having to bonus action dagger stab something before they could 2hand axe something.

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There is a joke mob in there called a Psycroak, a psionic frog with 1 hp and a CR of 14. I mean it has really powerful augments sure, but one hp?? come on dude, haha… it’s like that scene from Monty Python.

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Not Psyduck? Damn. Missed opportunity.

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