A question from Grummore in 2010 on the WotC forums

Ten years later, nothing has changed. Athas dot org needs fresh blood!

Many questions or curiosity hit my mind currently, here what they are :

1- I’ve been in the athas.org staff section. Many are written there, are they still active and up to something?

2- If yes, what are they working on and do they need help?

3- If no, have you think in updating the list and seek new blood to complete 3.5e project and start 4e project?

4- Did wotc contacted you or did you contacted them in regard to the athas.org status versus continuing 3.5e material and/or 4e material and the limits they would give you?

5- What’s the state of completion of the actual projects and with the speed you have seen in the last years, how long do you think it could take to conclude these with the staff you currently have?

6- At this point, if you dont think project arent enough fast, did you thought finding new members to the staff? I suppose that at one point or another in your life, you probably are less interested in producing stuff and would be more than happy to let other peoples do the dirty work while you concentrate on the guiding them. What’s your thoughts?

7- While speaking of fresh flesh, what type of help would you need? Do you need help to update the site (which is vvvveeerrrryyyyy slow on the update)? We don’t doubt on the current organizer ability, just that like I said many time, if you want to have more peoples coming to your site, you have to have something to show them, even if it’s only just small news to write on the front page.

As for myself, I am not a good example of all this, not having update my web site for a loooooooooooooong time now. I basically keeping it alive. I will have to whip myself this summer. Or maybe someone doesnt have the money to keep a site online and would like to have one? Maybe I should find someone to help me with that? I have the cash, but not much time. Should I seek someone?

I have begin to wonder about that myself, maybe the athas.org team should too. I mean finding new exited members!

I’m pretty sure many of us, old timer, are stuck in the 2ed, 3ed or 3.5ed and having yet done a single game in 4e (which is the case for me). In that case, we need new peoples that urge for more (in 4e)!

If we are stuck with only fluff (in 4e), this is great! Let’s do fan submission and produce quality documents with the fan material!?

Do a contest?! athas.org have the visibility and the credibility to host that kind of event!

We must be proactive, not dormant!

Grummore the preacher and believer


The only way out, is forward.