Abalach Re palace

Hello all, in my current campaign my player will be helping the veiled alliance to steal one of Abalach Re’s former lovers trapped in amber. A high ranking defiler called Kuffu. I was wondering if there are any official maps or images of her palace? I’ve never seen one but you’ve surprised me before.

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I think this may be an image of her palace. It is along side the text in the wander’s journal regarding Raam.

The description there is as follows:
She lives in a beautiful palace with ivory walls and an alabaster roof built atop a grassy knoll overlooking the city.

The truth is, there are not many pieces of art for Raam.

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Did a bit more digging and found the 4e description for the palace in Raam.

Ivory Palace: The Grand Vizier’s palace is the
jeweled crown atop Queen’s Hill. A fabulous citadel constructed of ivory and alabaster, studded with gem stones, and inlaid with silver tracery, it is a testimony to Abalach-Re’s excess. The palace contains over a hundred rooms, including great halls, ballrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, treasure vaults, and more. On still nights, the sounds of revelry from the palace drift down to the resentful people below. Beneath the sorcerer-queen’s dwelling, extensive caverns house her prized silk wyrms.

Honestly you might be able to just find something off of deviantart that fits the bill. I just got a few hits searching for “white palace” “ivory palace” and “palace”. Her palace is generic enough you can probably find a palace map to go along side it. Good luck.

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Given Raam is somewhat drawing form Mughal-period india (the Mansabdars, architecture and dress, ect), the city’s closest “real world analogue” would likely be Mughal period Agra, with Abelech-Re’s palace inspired by the Taj Mahal (note, the actual structure is a mausoleum, not a palace), down to the icory-marble aesthetic.

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I imagine that the Dark Sun version might also qualify as a mausoleum? Not everyone is alive after some of those parties, after all…


It’s not party unless you go so hard that somebody dies. The Dothraki would fit right in.

I got nothing more than just this but I’d imagine you have it too.
It at least allows you to infer something about the palace.

Otherwise @Rovewin gives a good tip.

Some more far-out but culturally inspired (and appropriation-risky) links I found that did give me ideas were these:

But then again, I dare use brutalist architectural images in descriptions and locations.


I’ve decided to use Pankot Palace as inspiration for the floorplan. From Indiana Jones.


Nice one!
Just by searching for it through Google Image Search or another approach entirely?
Would be nice to see a keyed entry once you are done with it.

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Just image search and my own imagination. I’m no artist after all.

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I think that is your best bet, I’m trying to get maps together as well. I am going to start my next DS campaign in the City-State of Raam. Fortunately, I have about a year before I begin. So, plenty of time to find maps as well as create my own since there is not very much on Raam, I have been finding inspiration else where. Thanks for the tips and ideas. Good Luck with your adventure!


I wish I had a year but I have a few days left to finish up. procrastination strikes again!