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I think something else was supposed to be here. How about info on whether there is an official Athas.org conversion in the works?

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From what I understand, WoTC has not, and won’t likely, endorse an official conversion since 3.5. But I am not one of the mods involved in athas.org so don’t take this as a final word.

Sure, but it doesn’t have to be WoTC official to be Athas.org official, does it?

Not sure, but I think so. This site was started years ago when 3.5 was still being released, and it had a mandate to produce official Dark Sun content and had the blessing (and support I think) from WoTC. I think that ended when 4e was released; which explains why all of the content on the main site is 3.5e focused.

There are a few 5e homebrew conversions floating around here, and other areas of the internet. But I don’t think any of them will be endorsed as “official” ever. You’ll find that they vary in the way they try to balance the 5e ruleset with the game mechanics of 5e and the way they treat psionics. I’m currently running a campaign based on my own homebrew set of 5e rules adaptations and conversions, with material borrowed from various other homebrew ideas, and it is going pretty well, but I converted the rules in a way to be pretty challenging - so it won’t be for everyone (but for my group, the harshness of the wastelands and the challenge of the average encounter was one of the primary selling points of the Dark Sun setting).

It still seems that the team here could produce/endorse a 5e conversion if they so chose…

Flip? Raddu?