About the Rules category

Talk about the rules. Any edition, any system.

Here is where we can talk about the game rule underlying the setting. What makes each edition different, what works , what falls short. Any system is welcome, but please tag your posts with the relevant systems.

Some things to consider in any discussion replies below:

  • What is this category for? Why should people select this category for their topic?

  • How is this different than the other categories we already have?

  • Do we need this category?

  • Should we merge this with another category, or split it into more categories?

@raddu I actually wanted to avoid going really fine grained on the rules subtopics, at least until we see how things shake out.

It’s possible for us to move topics around to different categories after the fact, so it’s not necessarily losing anything…

I think we’ll need it sooner rather than later, but kick em out if you’re so inclined.