About the WotC Forum Recovery Category

Posts fleeing the impending destruction of the WotC bulletin boards. Drop them here, and we can work on sorting them out as time goes on.

An import tool can be found on ENworld

Here are some best practices for transferring content:

  1. Use the tool that MerricB created and is available on the ENWorld forums. It is windows only. You may need to “Run as Administrator”. If you don’t have a Windows machine you can just copy/past the thread.
  2. Please just post recovered threads in this category and an admin will move it to the appropriate category if we decide to merge them at a later date.
  3. Merrics program add a by line, make sure to keep that in the post if you’re not the original author or add it if you’re just copy/pasting the thread.
  4. You’re allowed something like 30k characters in Arena threads, so you may have to cut particularly long threads into replies. The forum will tell you if you’re over the limit.
  5. If there’s a lot of chatter in the thread, you don’t need to copy all of it, you can just copy the initial post or you can copy individual replies that have value.

In reviewing or reading the topics in this category, please do not reply directly to the imported topic. Instead, use the “reply as linked topic” link in the right column.

This will keep new conversations separated from some very old historical information.

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