Adapting to Dark Sun- Misfit Monsters Redeemed

So I’ve got a list of monsters that I feel are essential additions to Dark Sun. Not only do these fit into the world of Athas, but I feel they can add a lot to the lore and setting.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know

From Misfit Monsters Redeemed- Delvers and Dire Corbies

Delvers- What are these? They are giant slugs that use acid to eat giant tunnels throughout their planet. In Golarion, they were used in construction by the Vault Builders, now long vanished. The delvers claim to be in communication with their now vanished creators, creating weird complexes beneath to ground in patterns and shapes that make sense to them and no one else. So fitting these sentient slug things into Athas is easy. They were originally created by the halflings in their attempts to escape under ground.


What makes them REALLY interesting is that they consume unprocessed ore, especially iron, to achieve ecstatic dreams. Yes, they eat iron to trip out and have vision quests. This has some interesting applications in Athas. First, they could have been a contributing factor in why Athas is iron starved. It would be ridiculous if they were the only reason, but they certainly could not have been helping. Also, the ones that are left would be violently desperate for whatever is left. Hope they don’t learn about Tyr.

While, bribing one with iron would be ruinously expensive, I can certainly see villains using psionics and the like to trick them into thinking they the halfling overlords they so miss…

Dire Corbies
I like the idea of including these brutes into Dark Sun. For those not familiar with them, they are underground dwelling, chaotic evil bird people. Vile, disgusting and barbaric. Relentlessly violent. Of course they aren’t alone in that regards in the D&D pantheon. What makes them so special?

On Athas, I think they could be descendents of aarakocra refugees from the Cleansing Wars. Desperate to flee Rajaat’s crusade, a group of aarakocra decided the best survival tactic was to hide where they were least expected. Underground. However, their claustrophobia eventually drove them to madness and they became warped.

Essentially, a Darklands parallel to elves and drow, dwarves and duergar, etc.