Advanced Beings rules for 5E - are there any homebrew

Does anyone know any homebrew source for 5E that gives some rules or mechanism for Advanced Beings?

Specifically aiming for Dragon and Avangion, but any others are nice too.

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I only played 5E at low levels, so I have no idea what an advanced being would look like in 5E. I can’t say I’ve seen any homebrew for that either.

How detailed do you want it? I’m sure there is something out there but perhaps it won’t meet the detail you want.

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It’s not that much about the detail even I guess; but more how one would go about it.

In 2E you could go wizard level 20 psionics level 20 and then you could start advancing as dragon or avangion.

In 3E this would work with prestige classes and those would have entry requirements (but I don’t know all that much about 3E only having played it once, never GM-ed it)

I guess you could say if I would know what corresponding mechanic there would be for 5E that I could look at I’m settled. But as the level cap design in 5E on level 20 does impact multiclassing, a multiclass wizard/psion would not give you what you would want I guess. In the best balanced case you would have only 10 levels of wizard and 10 levels of psion. And then wat?

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What are you going to use for psion in 5e?

Not sure yet.

Currently looking at Toucanbuzz, DMDave, Kibbletasty and the Korranberg for best fit. Oh and I am taking another look at the UA Mystic too.

Somehow I feel pro seperate class and against repackaged sorcerer.

In the end I might even just Frankenstein it myself from several sources into my own homebrew psionicist.

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3e had a lvl 20 cap until the Epic Handbook came out. Nothing keeping anyone from doing 20+, really…

But it would be a lot of work.

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A lot of work in what way?
In development of Advanced Being epic levels stuff classes?

Do you know of any 5E sourcebooks that delve into that?

I know next to nothing about 5e.

I imagine it’d be a pain to balance epic (20+) levels. The 3.0e epic levels were a $hitshow compared to the 3.5e version.

Its obviously not hard to just raise the lvlv cap to 40, but making those extra levels work with everything else and still be worthwhile sounds like work.

Yeah I fear it’s gonna be quite some headbutting to get it thought out, hence my original question.

Just saw that there’s some options for 5E like epic boons after level 20 based on experience, and ASI’s and feats extra based on experience.
Could just develop Advanced Beings stuff in a string of epic boons and ASI’s/Feats that require a certain amount of experience. That seems to be the simplest mechanical way of doing this.

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