Advantage to Insight - Dark Sun Episodes

What began as an episode about all the campaign settings of Dungeons & Dragons is now a multi-part series about learning, playing, and running a Dark Sun campaign! Please give us a listen below!

Campaign Settings

Dark Sun feat. Robert Adducci

Advantage to Insight and Down with D&D Presents: Dark Sun Trivia feat. Teos Abadia and Robert Adducci
(Dark Sun 25th Anniversary Episode)

Dark Sun 101 feat. Robert Adducci

Dark Sun In-Depth feat. Robert Adducci

Dark Sun Campaigns feat. Robert Adducci
(Coming Soon!)

Please let us know if you would like to hear more Dark Sun episodes and what you would like to hear about!

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Thanks, those will be handy! Our long-time Dark Sun fan bud is claiming the DM seat, and we newcommers need to catch up, those will be invaluable to that! So thanks again!

If I do love a topic, that’s lorehunting, trying to piece stuff together from what little you’ve been told. Could you make something in that direction, taking a potshot at the setting’s hidden lore?

Thanks for the suggestion! That is a great topic idea!

Thank you guys for doing this. I’m checking out the episodes as I type. I can’t wait to binge through them. :smiley:

I’ve been DMing only since 4e so a lot of lore from these older campaign systems can seem pretty bonkers. For instance, magic is rare and halflings are cannibals, but if halflings used use lifeshaper stuff and have technologically advanced cities.

I’d love a topic or discussion about selective editing of weird lore in pre-made campaign settings In particular I’d find it fun seeing what people have selected to remove from campaign settings to save themselves from weird lore.

Well, there’s a mix there … The halflings who use life-shaping aren’t really anywhere near the main campaign area, and aren’t the same group who feels you be tasty with a couple of onions and a starfruit mixed in to the kettle. :wink:

For the most part, I’d actually be surprised to see life shaping appear in a DS campaign that wasn’t specifically focuses around the jagged cliffs region