Adventures in the Dead Lands anthology released!

Hello everyone!

Since we started the Dead Lands project, we’ve always wanted to find as many ways as possible to encourage players and DMs to interact with the region. To this end, we spent 2 1/2 years assembling ideas for adventures and adventure seeds which take place in the Dead Lands. From this list we took the 14 best ideas and distilled them into a series of ready to run adventures for your 3.5e D&D campaigns. The result is now available for download-- Adventures in the Dead Lands!

Each adventure takes place in a different part of this region, and invites exploration and interaction with the various cultures, personalities, monsters, and artifacts of this fascinating and complex place.

Download your copy today, and see if your party is up for the challenge!


I shall look forward to perusing this.


Just a quick flick through shows the quality. Brilliant work, thank you all.