Ages of Sorcerer Monarchs

Do we know this? I see in the timeline that the Champions were “created” in FY -3531. I’m assuming there were all grown adults when this process happened. But is there anything that says that any of them had been around longer than that?

Rajaat had been around since FY -13766



There’s a theory that Daskinor was/is a incredibly ancient body-swapping psion.

Hamanu and Borys will be younger, as they replaced Myron and Egendo.


Which timeline are you talking about? The one provided by Kevin Melka?

There is no basis for a specific year from a reading of the Prism Pentad. If the year comes from that timeline, it was probably randomly assigned or mere guesswork.

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If their glamoured human appearances reflect their state when they became immortal champions/dragons, gallard and albeorn (nibenay and andropinis, respectively) appear to have been physically older, while Hamanu was chronologically probably the youngest, being born late into the cleansing wars in a human farming village, per Rise and Fall of a Dragon King. Age is hard to determine for them, as they very well may have been centuries or even millenia old before the Cleansing Wars started and still alive due to Defiler Magic and/or Psionics.


Yeah that’s from the 3e draft for City State of Eldaarich, where Daskinor is depicted as an extremely ancient psionic nomad mind that has jumped between hosts for millennia, the “Daskinor” known to the people of Eldaarich was the latest meatsuit that locked said mind into one body through becoming champion. It’s presented as a major factor for Daskinor’s insanity and the force “haunting” Eldaarich as the various personalities it has subsumed over the millennia literally break off into psionic projections with their own will, ala the mind lords, and make up quite a few of the power players in the city.


According to CbtSS (Mon Adderath’s character card), Dregoth was centuries old before becoming a Champion:

"He had many adventures with his childhood friend Dregoth, and the two grew to adulthood together. When Dregoth answered Rajaat’s call to learn sorcery, Mon Adderath struck off
on his own to learn more about the world."

As the subesequent paragraphs make plain, this is when Rajaat first taught magic - so Dregoth was one of the first wizards.

“Nearly two decades later, their paths crossed again. Dregoth, now a powerful sorcerer, was exploring an ancient ruin when he was surrounded by a horde of undead. Mon Adderath, who had been traveling through the area, came to his aid… Centuries later, when Rajaat gathered his champions, Mon Adderath was still at Dregoth’s side.”

Dregoth was exceptional in that he was immortal before becoming a Champion (having bestowed that on Mon Adderath too), he appears to have been one of the first wizards taught by Rajaat, and then went on to become a Champion centuries after his birth.