Alchemists, Oracle's, Vitalists, Witches and Gunslingers? Oh, my!

What do people think of using the various PF classes in the setting? What and how could they fit? The gunslinger is a bit tongue in cheek (though it would make for quite a different and interesting game) but several classes could work well I think.

I think the PF 1e classes work great. But some of them may need some work. I think the base classes sush as witch, oracle, inquisitor, cavalier, can be used with minor modification. Others may take a bit of work.

I see alchemist needing a bit change to handle the arcrane magic casting to create potions but. And there is some debate with bombs.
Gun slingers are out.

Some of the classes just need to have the name changed to reflavor them. I like the hybrid classes a lot and think they can fit really well too: warpriest, shaman, hunter, brawler, and possibly blood ranger work with little change.

I’ll be allowing gunpowder in my 5e games, but it won’t be readily available, it will needs to be researched at high difficultly through the old Gamma World retro engineering chart. I have an artificer in my group, so I want to give her something to strive for. As far as guns go, that would be a very high difficultly thing once gunpowder is invented. There are only 3 key ingredients in gunpowder, wood charcoal, sulfur, and nitrogen. And all of those ingredients would be available on Athas.

The metal for bullets is the main issue… although it’d be hilarious to have PCs melting other useful metal items for slugs.

The only time I was tempted to add firearms to the game was if I did a strange off-worlder campaign akin to John Carter of Mars and opened it up to a party from another world being stranded in Athas.

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I mentioned gunslingers more for amusement than as a serious suggestion. I was being serious with the other classes Witches, Alchemists, Oracle’s and Vitalists.

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I still think it’d be bad ass to to run a game with off-worlders and heavy life-shaped tech and kreen about instead of the normal Athas jaunt. Throw in some Thulsa Doom style defilers and it’d be some campy fun.


Could be a good one shot. I’d think the tech heads would go the same way as the Knights of Solamnia… there be dragons here. :dragon:

They use lead beads as the lowest currency in Tyr and other places, Seems like lead bullets would be cheaper than ceramic even…

There is a really good Pathfinder 1E conversion by Bhodi that uses these classes. It s on the Dark Sun Fb page or you can just google Pathfinder dark sun and the link will pop up for it.

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Link to pdf

Link to Paizo forum discussion of pdf

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