All Dark Sun Fonts and colours

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I was just wondering, does anyone have already set up a list of the Dark Sun fonts and colours used in their game modules and supplements?

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I’m struggling to locate the information elsewhere, so I thought I’d ask here. I know Papyrus is the internal title font, and either Palatino Linotype is the main font. But what about the rest?


I had read on a different forum that the original boxed set used packard antique for the internal font. I use it for all my Dark Sun games and to my eye it’s identical to the one in my books.


Yup, it’s Packard Antique for the original material. For the font colour, I go with CMYK 0,78,94,23. Not sure how accurate that is, but it’s pretty close to my eyes.


Beside Papyrus (Papyrus, Papyrus ICG and Papyrus LET) and Packard Antique, other fonts used are : Bard, Calligraph421BT, and FZ Hand 16.

No idea about the colours.


Could always try a color scan and sample, if a non faded original source could be found.


I know it’s a bit necromantic of me, but i going to bring this one back from the dead.

This was discussed recently over at Reddit.

I wanted to add that the following fonts being used to this post:

De Vinne Ornament D Regular - is used for Dark Sun logo.

Diesel - is a font someone here created that is similar to what is used on the maps

(I wasn’t able to get numbers and other non-alphabet characters to work in Excel with this font. Just for those characters I use Viner Hand ITC.)

Also, for that orange color at the top of the 2e books I was able to get the hex value in GIMP as f9a26c


Thank you.

We do a lot of thread necromancy here. I think it’s a distinctive thing for this group. :wink:

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