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Well, I am a large fan of the Dark Sun setting.
I just wanted to show you a short story that I just wrote about two gladiators fighting in an Athasian arena.
To tell the truth, I do not know where to put this kind of thing, so I decided that I’ll take any blame or “banning” for being a possible idiot.
I also apologize for the long post. Hopefully you like?

The arena was filled to the brim with cheering spectators.

Many drunk, many angry, and many- Well, bloodthirsty.

Then the gladiators walked to the center of the coliseum, one being large and grey of skin and the other being slim and not very buff looking.

The crowd was now getting excited, seeing two wastelanders take each other down in the field of gladiatorial combat.

For those about to die, we salute you.

The crowd chanted as the two gladiators raised their makeshift weapons towards them in salute.
The saw the gate rise in front of them, revealing a battle-scarred man. No, it wasn’t man, but it looked more like a bull.

A Minotaur.

It had deep black-red scars all over its body, and a plethora of scars on its ruined face.

He growled, showing off what he had left of large sharp teeth.

The grey gladiator hit his weapon against his breast, attempting to intimidate the creature. It seemed not to work.

The Minotaur charged, tackling the slim gladiator.

The grey-skinned gladiator swung his animal-bone sword, slashing the flesh of the bloodthirsty brute.

It was knocked off of the gladiator, rolling on the sand.

“Are you alright, Gladiator?” Said the grey warrior to the slim warrior.

“I’m fine, by the Holy Spirits.”

The creature got back up, letting its black-brown hair to pick up many grains of sand.

It went berserk, swinging its bladed fist at the large one.

“Don’t worry, Goliath. I’ve got a plan.”

The slim warrior drew two stone daggers from their sheaths, and threw them at the Minotaur. He was not deterred, and pushed the Goliath several feet.

“Anytime now, Elf!”

“Okay! Don’t get your loincloth in a bunch.” The elf said while picking up his stone-tipped spear.

The Minotaur gave his arm another swing, causing a deep slash into the Goliath’s bare arm.

The Elf charged, jumping onto the creature’s back. It tried to get the warrior off of its back, but couldn’t.

The Goliath pushed the Minotaur with his foot a few feet, and then the Elf stabbed the creature in the head.

It fell, blood oozing out of all wounds that were made in the battlefield.

The crowd went wild, cheering for the two warriors that succeeded against all odds.

Then ten more creatures came out, all of them were mantis-men having swords made of ebony wood.

“Any good ideas now, Elf?”

“Call me Jallice, Goliath.”
“Oh, and call me Thunder.”

“And no, I have no plans in my head right now.”

The mantis-men strutted closer and aimed their swords at the two warriors.

Thunder then swung his sword and tripped two of them to the sand.

Jallice took his spear and stabbed one straight through, grabbing the sword and slashing another.

They swarmed the two warriors, swinging their swords at the Elf and the Goliath.

A few hit, a few were blocked or parried, or were dodged altogether.

More mantis-men died, their green gel-like blood splattered onto the arena’s sand floor.

The elf was bloodied, weakened by his loss of blood.

Only a few of the bugs still stood, trying to claw their way away from the two gladiators.

Thunder was covered in blood, but he still fought. He killed one of them by bashing them against the stone walls that was under the crowd, causing a green splatter into the Goliath’s face.

The last two dropped to their knees and chattered, presumably for mercy.

“Nope! Jolgaster Mastre’ Gormanste!”

And Thunder slashed the nearest mantis-man’s head in two, and the body fell.

The Elf got the last one by throwing one dagger into its insectile eyes. One for each.

Cheering now echoed throughout the arena, the epic display before the crowd not being forgotten any time soon.

Bloody and beaten, the two gladiators were lead out of the arena in victory.

Seen as heroes in the eyes of the city-states of Athas.

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I like it a lot! Vivid imagery, memorable characters, and true to DS! Nice!

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