Ancient Languages of the Green Age

Hello all. First time poster. I am wondering if there are any known languages used in Athas in the Green Age / Cleansing during the ascension of Rajaat

Aside from gnomish, orcish, sylvan, and goblin? :grin:

Well none that are officially canon, but the 3e Darksun fanbook does suggest one interpretation of the Green Age that saw the world divided into two prominent empires. The Reman Empire, which reigned over most of the city states we would recognize today and the Tanysh Empire which would reign further north over cities like Carsys and the eastern isles such as Ebe and Draxa. If you’re going with that interpretation then odds are good that there are at least two major human tongues of the Green Age that dominated the Heartlands.

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Rhualisti, Primordial, Elemental could be some.

What I’ve used in my own campaigns is:

Racial languages
Ancient (city name) languages
Imperial & Trade languages (Tanysh, Reman)*
Elemental languages

*These languages were used throughout the empire. Traders would learn multiple Imperial languages if they traded across borders. Ancient city languages were spoken by the nobles of a specific city.