Another cool homebrew item I made. Piecemeal primitive armors

I linked it from the Dark Sun forum on FB, you all are probably there already, but just incase I put it here. Hopefully you can click on it, I don’t know how to share files directly on this site.

piecemeal armor for 5e

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You could put it in Google docs and drop a link. Or Dropbox, i imagine.

So, why (other than Math) does a full suit piecemeal armor weigh more than a regular suit? If you’re just grabbing a breastplate or whatever (and not kit-bashing the armor pieces into their own thing)?

You should be able to add sections of shell Full Plate, 1 section at a time to make a whole suit, and not have the weight weirdly drop with the final piece.

If you had a table (like in the 2e DS books) of armor type, piece location and AC bonus, it’d be MUCH easier to use this Homebrew Rule when scavenging bodies with known types of armor. (What you’re got is ok-ish for use at character generation).

I like it, though I’m not sure it has any increased value vs. the old 2e rule (though, you can FIND this one, so…)

I could further update it with other armor types, I just haven’t got around to it. Basically it was a thing I made for 5e exclusively. I didnt remember that they had a chart for that in 2e.

Mostly it gives a framework, and other DMs can build upon it with their own stuff… I’m not going to go out of my way to document every single type of armor.

The weight factor is due to it not being refined, most fullsuits are refined to the point they have the minimum amount of materials needed to make them, where as piece meal is whatever you find and you put it on your body.

I could do google drive in the future, ill look into it.

There are some typos, just ignore them if you want. I did it late last night as I was on some pain pill for this cancer crap.

I’m not concerned about further armors, specifically.

A table would make the relavant info (weight, AC bonus, body slot) easy to find and see - improving usability and comprehension.

Now I gotta dig up that table, huh? Sigh (grabs shovel)… hang on.

Edit: Ok, that was WAY easier to find than i expected. Boom: Piecemeal Armor from Revised DS Setting.

Do with it what you will, no judgment. But see how the table makes it easy to find & assimilate a bunch of data quickly? (The reason i like spreadsheets!)

Anyway, totally cool idea - great minds and all.

Oh I didn’t understand your point. Yea it’s a little jumbled as is, that is just how my brain worked at the time, but I suppose it could use an old DS table, IDK.

Yeah, whichever - make a new one, maybe your version is better, IDK. Its cool.

I edited my previous post.

Interestingly enough I am more generous on weights than that chart, they list breastplates as half the value of a full suit, I am at 1/3. Some of the other parts they list only one arm, I had just posted mine for both arms and both legs, so I suppose if you were to only have 1 arm or leg on my chart you would half the weight cost and AC.

So I think I am at par with their idea of piecemeal, I originally got the idea from the Orcs of Thar Gazetteer for the Mystara setting, they had many funky cool things in that one.

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