Any 2.0 or 2.5 (Players Option) DMs/Players / Anyone with experience making DarkSun CR2 files using the CD-ROMs


I am in the middle of collating / modifing the 2.0 and 2.5 CR2 files from the generic CD-ROM 2nd edition expansion set into Dark Sun specific files including all info.from related Dragon articles (e.g. Players option Dark Sun Character creation - Dragon Annual vol 1) to create an expansive collection. Having already created, for example, Dray 1st and 2nd generation race CR2 files that i have not found eleswhere and created all spells from Earth,Wind and Fire and Water and Defilers and Preservers sourcebooks. I was wondering if anyone else has attempted this. There are some bugs and issues i would like to explore with anyone who still uses the CD-ROM and with experience modifying the generic to world specific.

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what kind of CD is that? I got an old AD&D Dark Sun Boxed Set which I bought second Hand (Dark Sun is as old as I am so I might not know every release). Is that something back from those days?

I believe OP’s referring to AD&D Core Rules CD-ROM, which included, apart from all 2.0 and 2.5 rules, maps, dungeon design and character creation tool. The thing here is to convert the otherwise generic rules in the files to Dark Sun specific. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea how to modify such files.

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Sounds cool. Wish I had this. If I can help somehow I will but I am not sure if I can.
Is that about programming or about what?

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did you ever get this working? i cant seem to find a 2nd ed dark sun character generator anywhere…

You may have seen these, but I guess it may help someone. There is a file for DS classes ( and a separate Templar file (DS

I also have some other Dark Sun xpx and xpt files I downloaded long ago, and can share them if it isn’t against the forum rules.