Any material on Kurn & Eldaarich?

Having re-read Faces of the Forgotten North I’m newly intrigued about Kurnan society in particular.

I know everyone has other fish to fry, but is there any likelihood of seeing any background material on Kurn (espeically) and Eldaarich being released through

Not going to happen through That’s an absolute certainty.

You could try what is in Wisdom of the Drylanders.

Brax was the lead author on Lost Cities, before life got the better of him and swallowed up the project half-finished … I think he’s resurfaced on Facebook. I’ll try to see if he can come over and answer questions.

Robert Adducci asked me if he could take over some of our old projects.

I’m held back on the Prison State of Eldaarich, I think

Not sure what we can do now, and what’s the state of our agreement with Wizards?

The last version of the core rules snuck in under the radar without a lot of oversight and gutted some of my work, particularly on Kurn. Blew key aspects of Kurn’s development right to hell.

There’s a lot of stuff in Wisdom of the Drylanders but it’s very important to note what’s not in it. No mention of New Kurn, and certainly the term “Old Kurn” is never mentioned (since that implies that there’s a New Kurn). Even the spymasters aren’t aware of it – their attentions are directed towads the Dry Lands and the Dim Lands. Yes, they have some idea that Oronis is doing something north of Kurn, but since the spies go out into hostile lands, they need to be kept in the dark since if captured, they cannot reveal what they do not know. Finding out about New Kurn would by necessity mean the end of the spy’s career.

Only about 1/4 of Kurn – the Merchant quarter at the Southern Gate – is open to foreigners. Only citizens and slaves are permitted beyond the Merchant Quarter unless accompanied by the Grey Heralds-- the bureau of templars that deals with foreigners, monsters, and ecology. (issues of water and air contamination, for example, are regulated by the Green Brethren).

In the day to day, Kurnan citizens interact more with their own local elected “Clave” leaders. Claves are housing areas or neighborhoods controlled by a single guild which acts more or less like an extended family.

Guilds vote in block for the Kurn’s tribunes, who in turn elect a presider.

Oronis and the templars run Kurn’s defenses, espionage, and the education system; they also regulate all interactions with foreigners

What do you want to know about? Oronis’ great library and the associated school of spies?
The templar orders of Kurn and their function?
Kurn’s independent government?

Thanks Flip!

Brax - thanks for coming on the board. I’ve read the bits in WotDL and FFN plus one or two references in the Core Rules on Kurn. Old Kurn seems more or less straightforward - in a very Athasian Non-Athasian way (if that makes sense).

I guess I’m not seeing how New Kurn works (mostly in terms of physical locations), the interaction between Old Kurn and New Kurn (how many people in Old Kurn know about New? How is that secret kept if not etc), the wider impact of Kurn and Eldaarich on the surrounding area (mentions of slave raids from Eldaarich and swift responses to attacks on Kurnan interests aside) and what Oronis’ plans are for the cities and the future (and what makes his Great Library great - aside from presumably lots of books).

Is there any such information or did the project stall before reaching that stage?

Once again, many thanks for your time and illumination!

Brax Just posted a lot of material on the north, on Facebook, some of it includes Kurn and a map of the city…
You can find a link to it on my post “The forgotten north” here on

Cheers Rasser! On it :slight_smile:

Eldaarich was covered in 4e, in Dungeon 186. I do not remember 4e covering Kurn, thought.