Argosy Build Rules

I am looking for Argosy and smaller wagon build rules. There are several sources that give me information on heavy weapons like catapults and how much weight and space that heavy weapons would take. I am looking for rules for adding things like towers and crenelations. There was a source I used several years ago to build a “templar’s RV” That source also had rules for argosy that were 2x the size of the armored caravan wagons mentioned in the revised box set. I cannot locate this source anymore.


I don’t know if it could be of any use, but I kept a live the Michael sng woe web site [Traversing the Sands] in the links section of my DS page here :

There is some information about the vehicles we can see on athas.


There’s an old AD&D castle book that had rules for building strongholds. I believe it was called the castle guide. Perhaps those rules could be altered to provide rules for building an armored caravan?

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It’s AD&D2e Castle’s Guide book (Blue-Book). It has rules for building castles, running a barony and of course, my favorite, taxes!

I ran it once for AD&D2e, my players hated it because they said all they did was pay taxes; I was like, welcome to being an adult!

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If you are willing to include 3e material the Stronghold Builders Guidebook and Arms & Equipment Guide are essential for buildings and vehicles, respectively.

From 2e, always check Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue for stuff you can borrow into your setting.

You can also look in Athasian Emporium. There are at least rules for modifications of the drik war machine that can be helpful.

I tried to look in the Athasian Emporium. It generated an error message