Arkhold, Bleak Tower, Tarelon... what info is out there?

Does anyone have any information on these locations? I haven’t found references in any material other than names on maps.

Thank you!

Tarelon appears in DSR4 Valley of Dust and Fire (p.26). I know Arkhold and Bleak Tower have had some fan writeups over the years but the best place is probably the original Campaign Setting box Wanderer’s Journal. There’s a small section on Arkhold on p.183 of the 4th Edition Campaign Setting book.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’ve seen something else on those latter 2 locations somewhere but I can’t recall where. shrugs

It could be that 4E has additional info, but it seems the ruins were added mostly to add a vibe of former glory. The original sea should have had many coastal cities lost to war or the elements.
Also great for DM’s to make up additional content, any kind of tribe of new inhabitants among the ruins of an ancient civilization. Probably some relying on psionics or magic to survive.