Art in Dark Sun - Specifically Paints

I have a player interested in running an artist - preserver/smuggler build. I came up with some paint prices based on the FR Catalog. If anyone wants to add anything or comment, have at it.


blue, Balic - 12 oz. - 3 cp

green, Raamish - 8 oz. - 5 cp

ocher - 12 oz. - 2 cp

purple, Tyrian - 6 oz. - 1 sp

red - 12 oz. - 2 cp; 5 bits

yellow, Urikite - 12 oz. - 2 cp; 3 bits

vermilion - 6 oz. - 8 cp

white - 12 oz. - 3 cp; 6 bits

black - 12 oz - 2 cp

Brushes: small, 3 cp; large 4 cp

Charcoal sticks (10 pcs), 7 bits

Note that paper prices are expensive when available - and can be used to argue that the holder is literate or possibly a spell caster. More common painting mediums would be on stone, painting statues or statuettes or even walls, murals, graffiti, etc…

The Raam green is a leaded or arsenic based paint (a nod to the City State’s general insanity). Don’t chew your brushes.

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There are here in Peru some mealybugs living in cactus, who when gathered can bring an strong red tint used for TODAYS makeup, and are being used since prehispanic times
Guess you can gather info of how ancient cultures and even prehistoric people make their pigments such as dark pigments from coal or black fruits, ocre pigments from soils near swamps, yellow pigments from marigold flowers, purple tints from certain type of mollusc and so on