Art with a Dark Sun theme

I am going to post some art that I found online with a Dark Sun theme. I am not sure if these were specifically created for Dark Sun, but they fit the setting.


Doing an image search for ‘desert fantasy art’ turns up a lot of possible options.

Crossposting from Reddit, I’m sure you’ve mostly seen the AI tool crAIyon which generates images from any prompt. I was playing around with using the tool to generate Dark Sun art and it has some fun results which I’ve placed in a folder for people to look at. I toyed around with the terms a lot, trying to generate images for each of the different character classes, as well as a few odds and ends. A lot of them just were created with terms like “brown robed cleric in a desert sandstorm at sunset.”

Craiyon doesn’t do a good job with faces, but if you play around with the terms you can generate some really fun images that actually I think do a good job of capturing that Dark Sun vibe. I just kept tweaking the terms to add different elements, especially if I felt like I was close to something good. I played around with “dark sun athas” or “style of gerald brom” at the end of strings … a lot of “desert sandstorm” or “desert sunset” or “ancient rome” to get the vibes.

It’s not perfect, of course, and you’re kind of stuck with characters wearing Bedouin-style robes for the most part, but hey you might need to wear that in a desert sandstorm. And if you have no artistic talent whatsoever (like me!), it’s a fun way to generate some original(ish) art:

Fighter in the desert ii

Rogue II

Silt cleric

Defiler I

Ranger IV

Gladiator I

White-robed druid in an oasis

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Definitely. Wait until the full version of Dall-E becomes available to the public. It’s going to be a fantasy art game changer.

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Some from Midjouney. I asked for art by Gerald Brom.


Dark Sun doesn’t have a desert-theme like our desert-cultures in our world; it’s basically a Tolkien-wasteland, so no Arabic garb. I’ve always liked the art work by Brom, the illustrations that reflect an post-apocalyptic desert-world.

But, the ones with a big red star work!

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