Ashen Frontiers

I figure that a new setting inspired by TSR’s Dark Sun would go over well here, so:

Announcing Ashen Frontiers, a post-apocalyptic setting for 5e and Pathfinder Second Edition! Coming soon to Patreon, join us at or by visiting!

(If my newbness has led me astray in where to post this or there are other avenues for marketing, feel free to move this, or sound off here. Apologies in advance if that’s the case.)


The Frequently Asked Questions and The Team pages have been added to the website. If you want to read my thoughts on Dark Sun slavery and how we hope to handle the issues surrounding it, or to read about how we will produce a setting for both 5e and Pathfinder Second Edition, you can visit there and take a gander. If you want to follow Ashen Frontiers more closely, visit our Substack blog and sign up for the newsletter there.


I see that you’ve decided to hire a diversity consultant. Honestly, ChatGTP-4 (the paid version) is more than capable of this task.

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I don’t know that I could trust an AI to catch something that is very much about ‘how will marginalised folk perceive this?’ and, also, a change to employ a person that might have experienced marginalisation in their own personal life is its own part of the process.

But thank you for the suggestion – it may come down to just being an old fuddy-duddy that needs to get with the times.


I wouldn’t recommend it with Bing chat or the free version of ChatGTP, but ChatGPT-4, which costs $20 a month, could do it just fine and probably better than a human consultant that can’t see every angle. I’m assuming that you’ll wait until you’ve are around 95% done before you need a consultant, so its possible that ChatGPT-5 will be around at that point, and possibly even specialist AIs for the task that you are thinking about.

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I don’t (personally) think that worrying over, say, an AI Chat bot responding to person’s deep emotional concerns with word-salad is necessarily unreasonable.

And the sheer audacity it would take to basically use a robot to make emotionally intelligent human to human connections with people should really considered. Though, an AI could probably pump out a fair 1st pass guidance for such a conversation… Wouldn’t hurt to check out.

You can be an old fuddy-duddy AND still be thinking of others feelings first; they’re not mutually exclusive.


I put a spreadsheet into the paid version of ChatGTP (free is not comparable) and had it analyse it for me. In 30 seconds I had ChatGTP-4 do the analysis that would have taken me an hour to write up. Since now passes the bar exam in the top 10 percent, I’m sure it can do the job of a diversity consultant, which lets be honest, is not a rigorous academic field.

The remarkable thing about ChatGTP-4 is that it has no trouble interpreting human emotions. Take this, for example.

There are plenty of human beings that would struggle with this question. Here is another, because why not?

This is cool to see, best of luck with the project! I use the Adventures in Middle Earth’s Journey system in my Dark Sun home game – it would be interesting to see something following a similar vein from the ground up. Also, I’m glad to see you’re working with a diversity consultant if you plan to draw from other cultures.

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I’m back, with my personal hat on, because I’m trying to make sure that everyone knows that this is a personal, self-funded (mostly, sign up for the Patreon!) project. I dropped the latest Weekly Update with news about the Pathfinder Remaster, Social Media shenanigans, character sheet updates, Gen Con 2023 Demos, and more!

Here’s the website if you want to learn more.