Ashes of Athas Campaign Help

I basically just found out about this campaign and would like to try running it in 5e for my group. However following the guidance in the post to email Baldman games or to fill out the request form from the old admins of the campaign have yielded no responses. In addition my exhaustive searches of online resources have come up with no leaked copies either. Does any one have any ideas or are willing to share?

Could you explain the premise? I could just make things up if I knew what the premise was.

It is the living campaign that was run at several conventions for a few years. I was hoping to get ahold of a copy of it. Thanks for the offer of making some stuff up for me though :slight_smile:

You are welcome. It appears to be my specialty. That and combining obscure rules to create eldritch machines. I do that to.

Tell me if you find it though. It sounds interesting.

I can’t find a copy of this campaign either. Would someone kindly post it here?

@Alphastream thoughts on availability?

If feasible, could happily host on site, but I seem to recall there were distribution concerns a while ago …

Hi all, you can learn about the Ashes of Athas campaign and how to get it here. If you have additional questions about the campaign, post here.

Note: The conditions under which Wizards of the Coast allowed us to share the campaign require that it not be posted or hosted or shared except by me, e-mailed directly to those that request it. Please do not share or post the files - if that happens we can lose the right to share the campaign.


@Alphastream do you still share it?

Requested a couple months ago a copy of the campaign series, but I’ve yet to receive anything.

I requested on the day I signed up to this Forum. Just wandered because I haven’t got any answer.
I also wrote an email to Baldman Games if there is a way to get the Campaign but never got any answer, just a notification that they received my email…

Its sad that the contant of probably the best or most unique Fantasy world is so rare. There had been other game Events/conventions adventures too which seemed to be single adventures instead of being a full campaign but it looks like you cannot get them either.

Hi all!

I have been busy. I collect names and addresses over time and then send a bunch. I will send out a mailing today or tomorrow. If you believe you sent a message and don’t get anything by tomorrow night, please re-send via the contact form on my blog.


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We already feared you died somewhere in the desert :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, just got the lot of them. Thanks mate!

Same here, I have received mine. Thanks a lot!