Ask an Athasian comic idea

  • Crippled mul ex gladiator working as butcher
  • Halfling clairvoyant observing city dwellers
  • Half elf Raamite templar with insecurities
  • Dwarven kank mead brewer
  • Giant who wades through silt to trade
  • Thri-kreen cleric of water who teaches
  • Other

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I am working on a little project. In basic, a periodic comic that has an Athasian answer questions from an in universe perspective. I was thinking about different narrators, and the ones listed in the poll were we the ones I thought of. I am looking for characters who are distinctly Athasian, but have some sense of perspective.

Do you like that idea? What about the narrator options? What questions would you ask?


IMHO, the halfling should be the narrator, remotely viewing the others but I voted for the double leg amputee mul since he’s the one I pictured first (at least that is how I initialed imagined him on seeing the poll).

Angry bastard with a bronze cleaver.

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I was actually thinking glorified pieces of obsidian with cloth for handles

As a suggestion, I would think about the story you want to tell first, then use that to determine what kind of narrator would be the most interesting.