Astrology in Athas

The Draji people are supposed to have very advance knowledge of the movements of the moons and positions of the stars. Are their any canon constellations in Athas? Aside from an alignment of the moons resulting in a planar connection above one obelisk (forget it’s name), are there any effects of certain alignments of the sun, moons, and constellations?

I’m not aware of anything canonical.

Lacking actual gods, I’m not sure that I’d make Astrology really mean anything accurate, though I suppose if you were playing a game that featured the (to use the 4th edition term) Far Realm, some things could come into play.

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I do know the Crimson Monolith deals with the conjunction of moons, and the Star Rock gives some sort of natural divination. But as you said, there are no (natural) gods on Athas (although I would argue that a sorcerer-king technically counts in 2nd and 3rd edition by the vague definition of deity). So, I guess the question is, what is the power source of those two power conjunctions, if not divine?

Also, there is a vague notion that the Moon Priests of Draj get at least some of there power from rituals connected to the moons. Currently, with the death of their sorcerer king, it’s all they have left, power-wise.

Tentative theory: the power is somehow psionic. The Crimson Monolith somehow uses the alignment of the moons as a focus for the psionic energy required to open up a portal similar to that of the Planar Gate. Star Rock focuses psionic energy form the stars. Again, tentative theory. I am new to the setting.

Edit: the crimson monolith answers to Rhulisti. So it might be a life-shaping conjunction similar to the Pristine Tower. The Star Rock is a troll conjunction, on the other hand.

One should also consider that if stars are still visible, then psijamming is still a possibility. The Athasian sphere had to expand drastically, however, to accommodate the new size of the Sun, which probably also affects any psijamming attempts, not to mention where such connections may actually link to.

Except in Krynnspace. Psijamming is impossible in Krynnspace, and very dangerous in Dreadspace

Oh? I was not aware of that one. How come not around Krynn?

Psionic power points are impossible to recover in Krynnspace. It’s a natural property of the area created by the gods to defend against the nearby Illithid settlement. At least, that’s the theory. This is why the resident Illithids of Krynn (the Yaggol) are completely without psionic ability, and indeed, no one on Krynn has psionics.

Dreadspace is another matter entirely. If psionics is used in large enough quantities near the dread mists, it will attract the attention of the Illithid Godbrain, who will draw them into the bluetspur. And there is no escape from the mists.

There are other ways to generate power points than the recovery mechanic. So that is easy to work around.

If Ravenloft can be escaped from, then so can those mists. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.

However, attracting the attention of an ultra elite illithid super brain would be very bad mojo.