Athas encounter tables?

Hey everyone.

Just to check, has anyone ever seen random encounter tables for Athasian monsters (for any edition)? And if so, which book(s) would I find them in?

They are in the monster books.

See 2nd ed:
Terrors beyond Tyr
Terrors of the Desert

3rd Ed from athas dot org
Terrors of Athas


I checked Terrors of Athas. No such encounter tables, unfortunately.

Found some in 2nd ed: MC12 - Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium

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You’re right. I was thinking of the lists in the front on page 6

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It actually looks like nobody has used anything like this in a while.

There’s no frequency listings on any monster entry, and no encounter tables anywhere in later editions.

Maybe it’s worth making new ones, to save DMs some time. I know I used the hell out of these back in 2e when DMing exploration…

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Frederic Leclair just uploaded this file to the Dark Sun Facebook group:
Dark Sun Hexcrawl Encounter Tables


@JesseHeinig has a bunch of content/consolidation he could probably upload if you reach out.