Call for Feedback - Athasian Emporium

This was originally posted on the wizards board last year. I am copying it here in case anyone has any comments to add. I will add other topics for each of the other products as we work on those.

The original release of the Athasian Emporium in 2007 was a beta release. We are currently working on editing Athasian Emporium for a second release. This is a final call for playtesting or general feedback. We are looking for anything feedback you have from playtesting any of the items in AE as well as simple spelling or grammatical errors you discovered. We are not however, looking for new submissions to the document.

Please post your feedback on this thread or email to

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Likewise, referencing my comment in your other thread about Lifeshaping.

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So, I have read over it quickly once. My initial impression is way too much magic stuff, and not nearly enough psionic stuff. Can we have about half or 2/3 of the magic stuff converted into psionic stuff instead, by any chance, pretty please?

Also a meta-observation… Athas is supposed to be a psionic dominate world. Please put the psionic chapters BEFORE the magic chapters? this is a complaint I have for all the books, actually. I want way less magic, way more psionics, and psionics come first and foremost.

If there is a desire for magic this that or the other, put it in a separate Book of Templars, or Book of Preserving and Defiling sourcebook, and boot it out of the main DS book, please.

Loved the Mnemonic Crystals, by the way. My personal favorite so far. I want to add image and (short) video capabilities to them, based on a number of pages per image or round of video.


Any update on this?

Can you release what you have so far so the community can examine it?

I’ve asked some of the templar and council members about my range of options, and I’ll get back to you.

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