Athasian 6 Dimensional Weather Chart

I recently stumbled upon this system for determining weather. and realized this could be something useful for my dark sun games so I decided to make a version more suited to the tablelands. I reckon it could be useful for some of you folks as well.


I really like this. You inspired me to do a hex-flower for Dark Sun terrain. I’ve made several versions. Here’s one:

This one uses a 2d6 HF like those created and expanded upon by Goblin’s Henchman:

Stepping off the edge means you go to the other end of the row or column, unless you’re at the top or bottom center. Probably better explained here.


These are new to me, but the concept seems pretty straightforward. However, the one thing that I don’t get is why a 2d6 is used and not just a d6 or d12 (with two results per side)

the 2d6 will bias movement in the HF towards the side the 7 is on. So the one depicted above will have a tendency to move downwards and not upward as often.

Is that intentional that the probability on each side isn’t equal?

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I think it is intentional as by having it biased towards downwards it does lead to the result of a swamp being the least likely and considering what the tablelands are like, that sounds right to me.

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yes! it allows for different directions to be weighted differently. Down and to the left is higher probability than right and up. And of course you have to block the top and bottom center so that most likely and least likely are not next to one another–I’ll add the red x’s to my next draft–still trying to figure out if the placement of the hexes work right before I finalize.