Backstory for Kalidnay

Hi fellows,

I develop the context that will serve as my backstory for my future games within Kalidnay and beyond.

I think that some of the texts could be interested for some GM for their own campaigns, so I put you the links which touch on the different subjects:

  • Thakok-An, which is a (tragic) detailed story of a former templar of Khalid-Ma.

  • The Golden Pact, which describes Thakok-An’s proposal to the survivors of the tragedy that struck The City of Kalidnay.

  • Walis, who gives my vision of this remote place but so important in the history to come.

  • And finally, House Vordon, a narrative framework that touched on its past history, just before that described in the supplement “Dune traders”.

I would also like to have your opinion on the overall plot, especially if the information provided contradicts certain well-established facts within Dark sun. I admit that I hide the supplement on ravenloft of which I retain only a few names for the protagonists, because I do not adhere to this content.

Hope you will enjoy,