Best Dark Sun book/adventure/novel/videogame?

Hi All, I just introduces myself in the “What was your introduction to Dark Sun” thread.
BTW I’m also trying to save the DS Wizards Forum for offline viewing, I’ll let you know how it goes.
But here (I hope here is the right category) I’d like to ask:
What is in absolute the best DS product, in your opinion (and please briefly expain why).
What is the best adventure?
What is the best novel? (No major spoilers please as I’ve read only the Prism Pentad)
Did you play one of the videogames? Where do they begin? Are their stories compatible with the official products? (no major spoilers please as I might try to play them).

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Leaving out “core” books, my absolute favorite product is probably “Ivory Triangle” - I absolutely love the level of character development that’s given to the actual cities of Nibenay and Gulg within, and the lands surrounding the cities are given a fair bit of detail, too. There’s so much there to inspire players that’s right in the midst of the Tablelands.

I’m not sure if I have a favorite adventure. As much as I love Dark Sun, I don’t love a lot of published adventures… will think a little more on this.

I haven’t ready any of the newer books, but I think “Brazen Gambit” was probably my favorite of the novels. Just bought it for a friend who’s playing a similar kind of character in my game!

Haven’t played any of the video games! I guess I only had answers for half of these!

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Thanks. I’ll have to check Ivory Triangle and Brazen Gambit!

Of course, the Prism Pentad series was a great read, but of all the Dark Sun novels written, I would vote “Cinnabar Shadows” and “The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King” by Lynn Abbey, and “Death Mark” by Robert J. Schwalb. They added so much more to Athas; not just fluff, but a sense of history and sociology, and even some explanation as to the “what is happening” and the “why” of why the planet of Athas is as it is. They really made Athas much richer for me.

As a side note - I feel Brom is by far the best artist who represented the world of Athas and its inhabitants.

I agree on Brom!
I’ll check the novels you mentioned, in time I hope I will able to read all the Dark Sun novels I haven’t read yet!

There are only two video games based in Dark Sun that I’m aware of: Shattered Lands and its sequel, Wake of the Ravager. Both are PC games from way back, but are both available on GoG (Good Old Games) a website that takes old, outdated PC games and updates them for more modern Operating Systems, so you don’t have to dig up an ancient computer to run them or mess around with emulators and such. I actually just purchased both of those games a few weeks ago for ~$9 packaged together. Obviously the graphics are way outdated and some of the gameplay is clunky, but I’m a big fan of old school RPG games and love to revisit the past from time to time.

There was also a very early MMO called Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands

Thanks, I knew of Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager, I plan to play them too if/when I find the time, at the time they were not available or difficult to find in Italy…
Didn’t know of the MMO, very interesting story!