Bone, Stone, and Obsidian: Episode 1 Templars

Discover who the Templars of Athas are in the first episode of Bone, Stone, and Obsidian: A Dark Sun Podcast with Wayne Chang and myself!

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Great logo, super podcast!!

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I really enjoyed it, but I would have liked to see more on the topic of “how this could be done in 5e” if it’s possible as that is what every dark sun is wanting currently

Nice presentation, keep it up fellas.
Templars are indeed a troublesome class to convert to 5e. Some would argue it should be a reskinned warlock. Others, adhering to 4e’s take, claim that it should be presented as a background. Yet, some purists insist it gets its own class.

Looking at what a Templar PC got in 2nd ed there is no way you can bring that build into 5e as it would be grossly impractical. I do like it as a Warlock build, but then the issue is, what relevance does a Templar have outside their own City State? If you didn’t have them as a PC would their be a place for the 5ed Warlock in Dark Sun?

Thanks for the feedback James, I’ll keep that in mind.

Yeah, there are lots of ways to do templars. I think the best is to give multiple options so people can pick what they like.

Exactly and honestly it’s why I don’t concern myself too much with templars in my 5e games. One great thing about 5e is that NPCs are not built like PCs, so you can give whatever features are needed for the NPC. Same with defiling magic.

Just listened to the podcast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :slight_smile: One thing I’d like to address is templars in more militaristic cities. You touched on it early, but I wondered how far such templars could go. For example, I could easily see that most generals could also be templars. But it also brings to the fore the question of how much range the SK has in which to bestow spells. If one believes it to be a tight area, then generals as templars doesn’t work, especially if they’re to bring their armies to invade another city state. If range isn’t an issue, then templar generals are completely possible. Range could also be scaled as a product of higher levels.

That is my thought, too. Templars can make for inconvenient PCs (hence the switch to NPC-only in Revised), so I see them more akin to the villainous class options in the DMG.

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First off, I’m quite excited that a Dark Sun specific RPG podcast is available. Second, I enjoyed the Bone, Stone, and Obsidian episode 1, so thank you.
I want to give a little feedback simply as listener comment, and thoughts about future podcast. When the episode began, I thought there would be more discussion about the variations of Templars throughout the Tyr region. Moving forward with other classes, as well as races, this might be something to give more attention to?
Also, I think that while it is interesting to see how classes and races change and/or evolve throughout the editions, I would enjoy listening more to what has been created by fans to further solidify the current edition.
I look forward to what you release next.

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