Bone, Stone & Obsidian: A Dark Sun Podcast Episode 12 Defiling Magic

The next episode of Bone, Stone, & Obsidian is live! This time we discuss Defiling Magic!


Excellent episode!

I actually found a really good corruption mechanic on the DM’s Guild, written by Matt Mercer. You could easily use it for wizards on Athas who are dipping into defiling now and again.

Love the idea for upscaling the effective spell slot level when you defile. In my game, I’m going to do that, but also make the Wizard do an Arcana check against the terrain DC to see how powerful the spell is. +1 slot level for every 5 points you beat the DC by. Terrain DC is based on foraging DC in the DMG. Lush terrain is DC 10, and 15 or 20 for sparser surroundings. Easy peasy.

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Great episode. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Another great episode on one of the most defining features of Athas.

Actually, it made me think. Wizards don’t want to be identified as such so… Who do they pretend to be? With their particular “set of skills”… what would be an appropriate cover for them?

Then again, the AD&D classes are a mechanic of the game. A wizard could pass as an average joe in the street. Tunic, a walking staff… They could be travellers or traders. Just a guy.