Bone, Stone, & Obsidian – Episode 6: Bill Slavicsek

The sands of Athas are unforgiving to those without bone, stone, or obsidian to protect their water–and their lives. Bill Slavicsek joins Robert and Wayne this week on the arena floor as they fend off the savage questions from listeners!

Bill Slavicsek is the author of several Dark Sun books as well as the line developer. Bill designed DSR1 Slave Tribes, DSS3 Elves of Athas, Beyond the Prism Pentad, Expanded & Revised Campaign Setting, DSQ2 Arcane Shadows, and had credits in City By the Silt Sea, 4e Campaign Setting, 4e Creature Catalogue, and MCII Terrors Beyond Tyr. He also wrote a little game you may know called Star Wars D6 as well as Alternity and TORG.


It was an excellent discussion. I had no idea he was so involved with Eberron.

Finally got around to listening to episode 6 today guys. Double thumbs up Really enjoyed the cast and the discussion with Bill (and my question got asked, yayy!) :wink: