Burnt World of Athas - Encounters of Athas 7 - Positive & Negative Energy Clerics

The planar cosmology of Athas differs from the rest of the D&D multiverse. Even the Inner Planes are different. How do the Positive and Negative Energy Planes interact with Athas, and what would their clerics look like?

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Article on positive and energy cleric I wrote for Athas.org.

Thoughts welcome :grimacing:

I think it’s a welcome addition, and for 3.5e they make a great fit for using the Favored Soul class in Athas

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Hmmm. Never considered favored soul for energy clerics, but could definitely be a good skeleton to build a 3.5 Thaumaturge around.

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There’s no where else they could really fit, and they’re rare enough not to unbalance things

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Agreed. If I ever do edition writeups for Thaumaturges, I’ll likely use favored soul for their 3.5 mechanics.

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I used the concept that the positive energy of Athas flows from the elemental planes on outwards. Quasi-elementals and that energy manipulation would be pretty tied together in that regard. The way I was introducing the “negative” was more as an incursion/decaying of the elemental planes after the millennia of war on Athas’s surface.