Can a thread disappear?

I remember posting a list of items city denizens could buy. I wrote shit stick. Soap. Candle. Toy. And on.

Search engine can’t find it.

What am I missing?

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Do you recall the title of the thread?

Looks like an advanced search for threads posted by you goes back to 2015… was it before that?

Past twelve months

If it’s not a thread I started, it’s one I participated in

Still, toy, shit stick, candle, are unusual enough words that the engine should find it

Possibly wasn’t on this site. I don’t think any threads disappeared.

Why…thank you redking, I found it on Reddit!

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Nice. Perhaps you could copy the relevant portion over to the Arena?

After all the hubbub, don’t leave us hanging. Post the link.

Ok, but when not at work :wink:

What’s a shit stick?

To visualize one possible variant, think of the thin piece of wood called the reed, used in the mouthpiece of some woodwind instruments (clarinet), but a lot longer, like a ruler. The part held in the hand is thicker, but the tip is like a reed. Now there’s no nice way of putting it, it’s used to clean the anus after defecation. You wipe the tip off on some surface, like leaves, or water, sand. Re-use.

This is the most adavanced anal hygiene technology used until the invention of toilet paper (and the flushing toilet) and the bidet.

I’m interested in reading about the minutiae of everyday life in the Ancient world as it most closely matches Athasian life which I have been trying to make more real for a while now. What do people buy, say, do?


I think what everyone is really interested in knowing is what are it’s stats if used as a weapon? Is it a d6 with any special effects? Weapon breakage?

Maybe if it’s not been cleaned properly there’s a save vs disease in there