Champions of Athas template

Has anyone done a Champion of Athas template? Kind of the opposite of Champions of Rajaat…


What do you have in mind? Sadira as a sun wizard might come close to what you are talking about.

I wasnt sure if anyone did one, looking thru Legends of Athas, i was reading about Pyreens, i guess they could be Champions of Athas :man_shrugging:

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There would be no basis in the lore for a templated Champion of Athas. It doesn’t mean that you can’t brew one up of course.

Pyreens try to save Athas, but they are loners and not heroes. Avangions probably meet your criteria. They aren’t templated but they are definitely heroic, against the Sorcerer Monarchs, and have the power to back up their ethics. Avangions are the good (or at least non harmful) counterparts of dragons, so I’d say that if anything is the opposite of a champion of Rajaat it would be an Avangion.

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Ok, i didnt know if anyone did, just a template of COA, since there was a COR…

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No worries. I’m happy to entertain anything.