Cistern Fiends 2E Regeneration Question

There’s regeneration listed on the monster stats, but no value given. Does anyone know how much they regenerate a round? Also, I love how under treasure the value given is just “water”.


Probably going to go with 3 HP/round. Feels suitably mean.

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That’s what trolls get. Seems good to me.

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The more I look at this monster the worse it gets. There’s no # of attacks given, it just says “special”… but there’s multiple tentacles. Which is extremely important since the poison is so reckless - either death on a failed save or paralyzation.

The breeding thing is ridiculous too, how does it get to another water source? I’m treating them like a gigantic parasite in my game. They deliberately will pick fights with large predators like megapedes or cloud rays and get consumed… only to regenerate inside the animal in hopes that it visits a different water source, eventually bursting out of the host and into it’s new home.

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