City State of Nibenay

I was wondering if anyone has ever done much with the city of Nibenay? After reading about his son and how he has many of his children become templars, who are his wives, and thinking about that kind of inbreeding over 2,000 years, I’m almost wondering if there might be some Lovecraftian stuff going on there.

According to the City State of Nibenay book not all the templars are even really his wives. Low level templars aren’t his wives yet. At 14 they undergo some sort of test or trial, those who pass become templars, those who fail become scholar slaves. At 16, templars are wed to Nibenay. As far as we know, there’s only one confirmed child of Nibenay (Dhojakt).

It’s entirely possible most of the wedding ceremonies don’t produce a child, and the ones he calls repeatedly are the ones who are “compatible” for whatever experiment Nibenay is running (or he may just like them). Most templars only interact with Nibenay on their wedding night and see him during ceremonies and battle.

This can stop all of the inbreeding fears (he only calls on those who aren’t his own blood repeatedly and takes measures to prevent the others from becoming pregnant) but still leaves you with the incest or you can look into inbreeding if you so desire for your campaign.

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The Ivory Triangle boxed set had substantial writing on Nibenay and Gulg. Maps of the city, even. I very much enjoyed that one.

I thought Nibenay also had a daughter. Siemhouk, I thought. She was written as a young girl, I believe, and had some psychic ability to soothe that may have protected Nibenay from falling into the Dragon’s madness as his metamorphosis progressed. I don’t think much more was developed on her. It was hinted that because of the changes in the Sorcerer-King’s biology, it was difficult for them to reproduce with humans.

We used many spawn of the Sorcerer-Kings and Queens in our campaign. Cross-bred from fiends or other unspeakable terrors: extreme horrific, sadistic, brutal, megalomaniacal monstrosities all. That was our style and may not suit everyone.