Clarification of Favorite feat


“You can gain Favorite multiple times. Its effects stack”.

The next sentence describes an additional four uses of secular authority a day. But do you get the additional +2 bonus to your diplomacy check with multiple instances of this feat?

Given the inclusion of that last sentence, on a strict read, I’d say no, you don’t get additional bonuses - just the +4 uses per day.

That being said, an additional +2 to opposed Secular Authority (Diplomacy) checks per feat is definitely not game breaking…

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That was my reading too. I am inclined to go with the stricter reading. I don’t want to gamify secular authority.

I don’t actually know what you mean there.

But, Secular Authority is already kinda dumb, and opposed SA rolls are only going to between a PC Temple and another PC or NPC Templar, so who cares? They already wasted a feat on it, if they throw a 2nd or 3rd away on Favorite, the value of the extra bonus is negligible.

Also, as always, its your game - you do you.

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I don’t want a templar to feel like they need to keep taking this feat to keep up. Therefore, the stricter reading is better for the game.

Agreed. Its lame. I am working on something that will give this feat for free, but I wanted to figure out what someone that already has the feat gets. Now I know.

Doing you is important unless its game warping. “Geez, it doesn’t say anywhere I can’t wish for more wishes, so it must be OK”. Then the game just goes downhill. Its a fragile ecosystem and we have to protect it.

Ah, I see. Yes, no one should should feel like they need to take that feat. But I might give it out as a DM instead of treasure or whatever…

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I am trying to come up with some abilities for a low powered version of the chosen of deities from the Forgotten Realms setting, but for Sorcerer Monarchs. This should result in a CR increase of no more than 2, and a number of the abilities should be flavour. Trying to avoid any ability score increases.

This is what I have so far. Its a salient feat (from my Epic Athas 3.5 work) that the SMs can take.

Sorcerer Monarch’s Favour [Advanced Being]

By experimenting in ways of manipulating your elemental vortice, you have come across a method of increasing the power of your servants, granting them drop of your power in an occult ritual.

Prerequisites: Able to channel spells to templars through an elemental vortice. Advanced Being.

Benefit: A number of your servants (who do not necessarily have to be templars and must not be undead, constructs, or incorporeal) equal to the ability modifier of your evolution score can be inducted as your favourites. This feat does not grant the Sorcerer Monarch any special control over the inducted. Except for sorcerer monarch’s voice, this favour cannot be revoked and only a year after the death of a favourite can another favourite be initiated. The favourites get the following benefits.

Sorcerer Monarch’s Voice (Ex): The inducted gains the ability to use secular authority, as if it had the feat (DS3 Core Rules, page 74). If the inducted already had secular authority (for example, it already had the secular authority feat or is a templar), it gains the benefits of the Favourite feat (DS3 Core Rules, page 72). If the inducted already had both secular authority and the Favorite feat, it can use secular authority a further four additional times per day.

Gift of Tongues (Su): The inducted has the ability to speak any language, so as to better serve its Sorcerer Monarch, like the spell tongues .

Regeneration (Ex): The inducted gains regeneration 1. Fire and acid deal normal damage to the inducted. If the inducted loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in 3d6 minutes. The inducted can reattach the severed member instantly by holding it to the stump.

I am trying to avoid stuff like Telepathic Bond, since I figure that the SM can do that anyway and there is no need for a salient feat for that.

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Many SM are capricious. As such I would reward this feat so long as good roleplaying allows. Should the templar in question make any mistake the feat is revoked. If I found the feat was causing a problem I’d have a new up and coming templar whisper in the monarchs ear and convince the ruler to revoke it.

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If the Sorcerer Monarch wants to revoke it, it’s revoked fatally. I am trying to emphasize that the Sorcerer Monarch must do it’s due diligence because there is no way to induct a replacement until the original is dead for a year. The SM will have a number of them, however (assuming they have the salient feat).

To be clear, this isn’t meant for PCs but NPCs. It is to give NPC servants of an SM a CR 2 boost whole granting some flavourful abilities. I am trying to come up with the specific abilities without robbing any classes of their abilities or roles.

That power you listed, that’s not the whole thing, is it? Doesn’t look like a CR +2 suite of abilities.

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No. I’m trying to come up with a suite of abilities that will equal to a total +2 CR, and some of them like tongues and sorcerer monarch’s voice amount to +0 because there is no combat application. Trying to make it cool but low powered.

Basically, this power comes from experimenting with the elemental vortice, it takes a salient feat to get, and the payoff isn’t that great for the SM that takes it (a failed experiment, pretty much). If I had to guess, the Oba is most likely to have this ability.

Ah, ok.

It’s going to be hard to do a +2 CR template that doesn’t involve stat increases.

Your best bet might be something along the lines of Half-(Fiend/Celestial/ Elemental), with HD-scaling spell-like abilities or something.

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Is it just me, or does it feel like this Dark Sun 3.5e rulebook needs a bit of an update?

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All of the 3.5 rulebooks published were supposed to get updated, I hear.

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Yeah. That Figures.

What if we all made a list of what needs fixing in the book?

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I wanna say @nijineko already has an edited copy waiting for review and release, but it could be a different doc…


My document is the core book American English spelling and grammar check, along with a few minor discrepancies I noticed. As the current version is set at r7, mine is tentatively titled r8, but do not expect much in the way of changes. It was scoped as proofreading more than anything else.

However, if there was a collection of “things needing fixed”, I could certainly use my existing r8 doc and combine it with said fixes to make a r8.1 or r9 version, and submit that for review. =D

You give me a list of fixes, keeping in mind that I hate magic (so magic nerfs and fixes for loopholes/exploits are welcome, anything that expands or boosts magic is not =P), and I’ll whip up a new version for everyone.