Cleric domains. 3.5 or PF

Which cleric domains are people using for their clerics? Are people going with the ones from the 3.5 rule book or the normal OGL ones ones from Pathfinder, or another source?

I’ve done OLG/PHB ones, and used the suggested ones from the Piazo version and the ones from the 3.5e DS Rules (not all at the same time).

It really depends on how much you need 3.5e to feel like 2e. Past that, IDK that it really matters. The 3.5e Cleric soell list is already pretty different than the 2e DS Cleric lists (when using Spheres).

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I use the 3.5e made by this athas dot org. My players like it as it gives more flavour to the clerics!


I use Pathfinder ones.