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This is a thread to place your Myths and Stories of Athas. Anything goes, so enjoy.

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What a brilliant idea. Great title.

[COLOR=#993300]Born of Pain and Drought[/COLOR]

As Karum finished intoning the ritual’s words of power, the faintly luminous gray pale above the now unwrapped corpse burst open into a gray flame shooting into the corpse’s mouth, completing the ritual and casting the immediate patch of ground into near darkness. As Karum’s eyes slowly adjusted to the feeble starlight, he saw the corpse’s back painfully arched backwards, limbs flailing, the breathless form coming back to a semblance of life. Cracks appeared on the skin from which small gray flames burned and writhed. As Karum watched, the burnt furrows hardened and cracked and crevassed until from the sooth Tanis’ features emerged out of a stranger’s. And from this corpse, obtained from the mortuary not an hour before, a wordless scream erupted, echoing against the dunes.

Karum bent down to restrain the born again man: “Do not despair, friend Tanis, for the fires of the Graybirth are short-lived”, and indeed within moments Tanis settled down again. “I have found your murderers, my brother, they are still in the city so confident are they of your demise. And out of your second chance and their complacence together we shall exact revenge.” At this utterance Tanis’ fragile, pain wracked frame became very still, yet from the depths of his eyes a furious gray light rose to meet the night.

A revenant is born.

[COLOR=#993300]The Ritual[/COLOR]

Ah’Navor knelt before the altar in supplication, awaiting the great privilege the queen would soon bestow upon her humble servant. She had chosen Ah’Navor as the recipient for the Transference of Scales, the holy ritual that would make him the greatest servant in the eyes of Badna after the queen herself.

Arranged in concentric circles around the queen and Ah’Navor lay the sanctified living sacrifices for the yearly ceremony that strengthened the Star of Badna’s curse. But this year, those sacrifices would be used for a different purpose…

Abalach-Re stepped around the altar on which the giant sapphire rested, to stand in front of Ah’Navor, intoning the ritual’s words of power. Golden rivulets of light flowed from the drugged sacrifices across the vast room and into Abalach-Re’s outstretched hands. Within moments the sacrifices fell to the ground, their dead forms desiccated and ashen. The sounds of the dying were soon replaced by the quiet echoes of the vast room.

Ah’Navor spent the hours thereafter in prayer, the queen’s magic striking him in faint waves that penetrated deeply into his body, imparting power unto him in unfathomable ways.

After a time, he began to hear whispers without an apparent source; words in a language he had never heard, full of sounds suggestive of chanting birds, hissing snakes and blowing wind. He was hearing the queen’s thoughts in his mind! The realization nearly made him stumble in his prayers, which he was sure would have greatly displeased Badna in this moment of communion.

Long after his body had grown fatigued from lack of movement, Ah’Navor felt a rising, tingling sensation on his skin, which rapidly expanded to encompass first the flesh below, and then his very bones in a shower of pain that made him scream. In panic he opened his eyes and found himself floating above the shrine’s floor, his skin wreathed in cold, cobalt flames. Before him was the queen, who had shed her appearance like the serpent its old skin, unveiling for Ah’Navor’s sight her true appearance, which he had but seen once before, when he was ordained as her royal defiler.

His gaze followed her hand’s movement to her chest, whence she snapped a single scale with claws that could dent steel. His rising gaze was not swift enough to catch the small, glistening orb being expelled from her impossibly wide maw. Orb and scale both floated to a point in midair between Abalach-Re and Ah’Navor, each slowly spinning under the burning gaze of the chanting queen.

With a sudden rush, the orb and scale accelerated to slam into Ah’Navor, the scale striking his chest while the orb embedded itself in his abdomen, knocking the breath out of him. Ah’Navor felt a pain he would never forget for the rest of his life as the two objects burned through the cobalt radiance, turning it a dark red color around them. The now scorching crimson flames writhed madly as the scale buried itself in his chest, and the orb slowly disappeared within the inner folds of his abdomen, leaving but a slight bulge in his skin indicating its presence.

Ah’Navor felt his pain-wracked body plummet to the marble floor, his body casting hundreds of shadows from the wall candelabra, now that the magical flames had extinguished. His seared and nauseatingly bruised flesh still seemed to burn under his searching hand.

You are whole, intoned a voice in Ah’Navor’s mind, overpowering his feverish thoughts, filled with such certainty of his well-being that he lifted his head to meet the gaze of Abalach-Re, now become queen again. Rise, my chosen, my sweet, said the queen in her honeyed voice.

As Ah’Navor rose to obey her he felt a new organ stretch and awaken within him, and in a moment of clarity sensed the palpitating life of those sacrifices still alive at his feet, as if he had run his fingertips over all of their beating hearts at once. When he arose, the queen continued: You will find all of my enemies, all those that committed treason against me and their god Badna, and you will bring me back the very substance of their lives… starting with the traitor Farcluun.

The name of the traitor sent a pang of alarm in Ah’Navor’s tired heart. The queen, seeming to sense his distress, narrowed her eyes to cobalt slits as her smiling face turned to a snarl.

You will serve, the imperious voice commanded in his mind.

[COLOR=#993300]Of Blood and Leaves[/COLOR]

The wild woman applied herself with dedication that surprised him greatly, and to his bound self she seemed aglow with an over-abundance of inner strength that seemed to light up her face in the cool darkness of the grove. With each scream she managed to draw out of him, screams inevitably turning to silent, exhausted rictuses of pain, it seemed to him her eyes showed what he had rarely seen before anywhere else but in a mirror―a sense of purpose. These were his last thoughts as she seized his head between her hands and the life ran out of him.

As she came out of the dying grove, rubbing her bloody hands in coarse sand and drying leaves, Anoch stopped briefly to nod at the mound of dirt under which she had buried the druid that used to tender the grove. Now this place was in danger of being overtaken by the ravening sun and sand she could already see encroaching upon it.

“This grove does not need to echo your death, land-brother”, Anoch said to the mound while casting her hand down and letting the golden rivulet of life energy she had just stolen shower down to the grove’s parched ground. “Only a few more of these dogs’ wretched lives, their substance freed and returned to whence they took so much from, and I will see your grove returned to its former glory. This I promise.” Anoch turned her gaze back in a direction over her shoulder, back towards the grove’s deepest part―where even defilers are powerless―to a bound lifeless man laying on the ground, his body crumpled unto himself like a gutted aprig. “This one finally told me where I can find others of his kind, and it will take only a few more. Yes, a few more.”

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Our own or the ones from the second edition materials?

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I would say either, though the ones from 2ed may have some legal issues around posting them. I say, post what you want, even if two different stories say radically different things about where a race or town or feature or the Dragon came from. We aren’t looking for Truth, we are looking for interesting stories and hooks to use, even if they don’t “match” canon.

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Sweet stories, Penn.

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For the new stories I was waiting for a comment on your part, ye old faithful Rev. Better late than never!

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Some tidbits from Athas, all related to the vehicule below (originally appeared in the Athasian Emporium):

Cliff Glider

“Lokar readied his obsidian axe as a shadow covered him from behind and above. The mul quickly raised his face; at first glance it seemed like a huge flying lizard. But Lokar knew better: the solid wing flaps had levers attached to them, revealing it to be a man-made work. A single raider maneuvered the vehicle from within the protective, hollow of the carcasses rib cage. Focusing on the eyes painted all over the craft, the mul tossed his axe aside and carefully aimed with his dark spear. Luck was all he was left with.”

—Lokar’s stand

“The last time I was near the Ringing Mountains we were assaulted by halfling raiders, savages attacking from the skies. The cannibals flew in gliders with stiffened leather wings that were handled by levers; the small pilots inside the bone carcasses of flying beasts. And then a rain of spears and rocks fell."

—Kujan, human warrior, former Captain of the Crimson Legion

" As the winds began to grow stronger with Ral rising, she watched the scarred pilot check the levers attached to oil-stiffened wings bonded to the bones of a great pterrax. The solid rib cage would support and protect the raider from most attacks. The wind currents rose and she saw the pilot smile strangely; she knew she wasn’t going to see him again."

—Alyra, halfling raider leader

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Alternate Athasian history, presented by Raddu76: Arcane_Apocalypse(x)

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I came up with a pretty neat backstory for Gallard’s fight against the Gnomes and the founding of Nibenay - at least I like it. It works well for my campaign’s backstory… but it isn’t cannon or anything.



There is much speculation amongst sages whether Gnomes ever existed. They are commonly mentioned in songs as lovers, tricksters or assassins. This legend is of their home, the mysterious Gnamendhaevhen that was both a place of wonder and excitement, but hidden from all but the friends of Gnomes:
[Size=3]Founding: Gnamendhaevhen the City of Gnomes[/size]

-Old wives tale, Lower Crescent Belt.

The city of Gnamendhaevhen, meaning “freedom from slavery”, was the crown jewel of all gnome-kind. The One City stood centered at the same location where gnomish-kind freed themselves from enthrallment of their overlords. Gnomes from all over the world made pilgrimages to the center of the city to celebrate it’s anniversaries’ passing. It is the Mecca of the Gnomes. Their pride. Their joy. Their greatest achievement.

Gnomes, being the most creative artists and most cunning monks and sages, built a city of wonder, excitement and mystery. Their knowledge of the Between filled the city streets with beautifully wrought shadows. Gargoyles stared down on the streets, their protective shadows watching over the innocent. Elaborate water fountains from underground hot springs spewed water that danced and played with umbral spirits. A luminous fog lit the streets at night.

It is unfortunate, therefore, that the city is utter destroyed. Legend has it that Gnamendhaevhen was destroyed by its own creators: their own creativity and ingenuity. When Gallard, the Gnomish Destroyer, began his conquest of Gnamendhaevhen, he used the Gnomish tinker weapons and shadow steel. The Gnomes knew there was no defense against their own cunning weapons. So they fled their One City while the destroyer marched unheeded to victory.

In the history of the Gnomes, they held two places as home: Gnamendhaevhen and the Between.

When Gallard marched upon Gnamendhaevhen, the Gnomes fled to the Between - an exodus of immense proportions, complete desperation and horrible disorganization. Hundreds of thousands of helpless Gnomes were left behind, to be slaughtered by Gallard and his ambushers. Those that did reach the Between thought they were safe against Gallard and his armies. The Between had been a sanctuary from the overlords. But, where the overlords of the past were ignorant of the Between, Gallard was knowledgeable. He was able to follow the Gnomes into their hiding hole. And where he found their hidden sanctuaries he slaughtered them. So the Gnomes delved into the deepest, most uninhabitable, most black reaches of the Between. There, Gallard left them to rot.

Gallard believed the Gnomes could not survive the Between. Gallard was wrong - some had survived and plan revenge on their enemy. They hate all things not of the Between. On cold nights, Gnomes have been known to emerge from their hiding places. They come out of the blackest of nights and slay the helpless and the weak - in revenge for their own kind.
[Size=3]The Year Hence: The Dwarven Houses of Bitterscar and Ironfell[/size]

-Song of Pace Ironfell of Clan Ironfell, Elder of the Dwarven slaves in Overlook.

In the years intervening the Cleansing Wars and the Rebellion of the Champions, before the coming of the Dragon and his Wrath, there was a relatively long period of peace and reconstruction for many of the races. Many of these races chose this time to establish bases: build fortifications and establish protective alliances.

The fall of Gnamedhaevhen left a void of civilization. In the Black Spine Mountains grew a quite sizable province of Dwarven clans. Ever opportunists and ceaseless in their duties, these clansmen took pickaxe to stone and began the lucrative job of creating mines. Their efforts struck irons and golds and mithrils, which were all becoming extremely rare and valuable in those days of post-war. The clans became rich. With their gold they built fortress after fortress to defend their lands against humans and their kings.

At the same time, just south of the Clans of the Spine Mountains grew the lucrative city-state of Nibenay. The city was established by the wise sorcerer king Nibenay, used magic to encourage its quick growth and an army of templar, veterans of the war, to keep it protected from enemies.

During the years of peace, both the humans of Nibenay and the Dwarves of the Mountain Clans ignored the other except for the occasional trade. They grew large and powerful over the ashes of Gnamendhaevhen.

Then of the Terrible Dragon came upon them. The Dragon, with all his terrible might rose up and tore the earth ashunder. One after another of the Dwarven clan fortresses were left ruined in the Dragon’s wake. Soon, the survivors realized they would also be doomed if they did not look for help. So they turned to their human neighbors.

King Nibenay, in his infinite wisdom, told the clans they were welcome to enter the protection of his city if they lived by his laws and followed his leadership. The Dwarves swore on the life of their ancestors to do so, and fled into the relative safety of the City State.

Time and time again, the Dragon threw his Wrath against the walls of Nibenay. Each time the walls cracked the Dwarves would repair them. Each time the Dragon blew fire, the Sorcerer-King Nibenay repelled it. Men and dwarf were slaughtered by the magics of the Dragon and his Armies, but new soldiers rose to take their place. A decade passed when finally the Dragon withdrew to scour the forests for the hidden city of Gulg and bring his wrath upon another city.

Since the danger had passed, the Dwarves picked up their belongings and prepared to leave, but the Sorcerer-king would not let them. He called on their honor and their vow: He wanted to put the Dwarves to work building new walls and making them slaves to his rule. The Bitterscar clan broke their vow and ran to the safety of the mountains. There they were slaughtered by the spirits of their ancestors on whom they placed their vows. When the Ironfell clansmen saw this, they regretably bowed before their saviour.

Forever more, Nibenay has had a group of elite Dwarven clansmen, decendents of Mountain Clan chieftains, to protect and man his household. These are the first Templars of his Household - the council of Earth - and oversee his every will faithfully.

The Dwarves were recently allowed to return to their old clans lands as slaves to Nibenay, to mine for the ore of their ancestors. They set up the outpost of Overlook. The mining they do proudly for their clans, their name and their ancestors. Instead of the whip or chain, they are slaves to their never ending vows.
[Size=3]The School of The Between[/size]

-Notes from High Templar Jaed’s personal journal, restricted files of the School of the Wind.

It is said that when the Gnomes were still under the brutal slavery of their overlords, they became known for their creativity and resourcefulness. The Gnomes’ ingenuity built weapons and methods of enslavement that far surpassed the archaic methods of the Will and the Way. This made the overlords stronger, but also dependent on the Gnomes to man, control and continue to develop more weapons. Not being fools, the overlords strengthened their hold on the Gnomes.

In response, Gnomes learned to tap into a hidden magic source: Shadow Magic of the Black (which they call “the Between” or “Between the Cracks”). With this, they discovered new areas of magic. They were the first to harness necromancy and Shadowsteel. Each of these powers were shown to their overlords, and their overlords were content.

In secret, the Gnomes also used Shadow magic to discover pathways and portals in and out of the Black. They could use these to hide themselves or others. “Flee in-between the cracks” they would say.

Then came the revolt. Nobody remembers how or why it started, but the overlords grew paranoid and began slaughtering Gnomes. In response, the Gnomes fled into their hiding place in the Black. There they waited. With the sudden loss of the Gnomes, the Overlord kingdoms collapsed.

In celebration of their freedom, the Gnomes returned to the surface and established Gnamendhaeven. They were happy.

At Gnamendhaeven, several schools of magic opened. Some of the Way. Some of Tinkercraft. The most famous was the School of the Between. It was a vast fortress devoted to the arts of Shadow magics. Only a scant few students were allowed to attend, all Gnomes. The greatest member was the Caretaker, so named because he was the Caretaker of the keys: keys to the portals of the Black.

The portals were what made the School famous. Portals exist in the Black into many places in the world. Traveling through portals in the Black was faster than overland - they were highways of the past. By holding a Monopoly over these portals, Gnomes could easily control the transportation of goods throughout the world.

The Gnomes were also obsessively paranoid about strangers in their cities. Thus, it was with a large amount of skepticism when the School of the Between and the Caretaker accepted a human student. There’s only one who could vouch for a student and have enough trust in the Gnomes: that would be The First Sorcerer, Rajaat. Rajaat managed to persuade the Gnomes to accept an incredible gifted magician by the name of Gallard. The student was completely enamored with Rajaat and had a particular interest in Shadow magic.

The Gnomes taught Gallard everything they knew. He absorbed the knowledge quickly, and became a very powerful shadow sorcerer. Powerful enough to contend with the Caretaker himself. Some short time later, when a new Caretaker was selected, it was Gallard that was honored - for he was the most powerful Shadow magician of the school’s faculty. With the title came the ability to control the Shadow portals.

Under the new Caretaker Gallard, the school suffered. Gallard handpicked his own students, mostly non-gnome, and taught them exclusively. The school became corrupt with its monopoly over the highways in the Black, and the school eventually withdrew from Gnamendhaevhen life.

Rajaat raised the banners of war, and he chose Gallard as his champion against the Gnomes. Gallard completed his mission in nearly a week’s time. Since Gallard held the portal keys, he was able to lead an army of Rajaat’s finest commandos around the impenetrable defenses of Gnamendhaevhen. The Gnomish army was decimated.

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I want to learn a bit more about Taraskir the Lion. From what I understand, he was a beast head giant and king of Guistenal before Dregoth came and killed Taraskir and sacked the city for himself. Taraskir and his followers also worshipped an un-named god. Who was this god and why did Taraskir worship it? Taraskirs temples dot the lands around Guistenal and one is used to house the slave tribe, “Tenpug’s Band.”

I’ve read all the information in the City by the Silt Sea boxed set as well as the 2e supplement “Slave Tribes.” Is there any further information regarding Taraskir the Lion?

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This is a short story I wrote several years ago.

Alleys of Urik

With his leg wounded the templar ran through the dark alleys of Urik, blood stained his trousers with a heavy crimson. The stoned paved streets were empty and no traces of his attacker could be seen. Not wanting to appear weak against the mighty King, Jacek kept on moving. His bloodied hand gripped on tightly against his leg, the templar walked at a fast pace until he arrived to the plaza. A bald Half Giant was sitting and drinking from a big jar. Two female slaves one human the other a half elf, both lay on the ground apparently sleeping and unharmed. The grip on his weapon grew tighter.

  • He had found the running slaves.

Any comments will be very appreciated

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Hey Methvezem! how you been? I see you kept my short stories. Nice hehe

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They ended up quite good, man.

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Another short story that didn´t make it to the books hehehe

[i]“The elf scout of the Jura Dai tribe observed the two mekillots slowly pull a huge boxed wagon that occupied the entire sandy road. The walls of the vehicle were made of stiffened hides reinforced with beast shells. A golden lion face was painted on the center of the leather. The pointy eared raider knew about the six mounted crossbows on each side of the transport. The Jura Dai elf fired a singing arrow that gave the signal for the attack. The raiders were unaware of the urikite soldiers stationed inside the argosy.”

  • Jura Dai raider


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