Complete 2e Dark Sun campaign materials (all books, modules, boxes): what is this worth these days?

Does anyone here have any idea what the complete setting 2e would be worth these days?
I reckon since some of its available digitally (or at least was, right?) legally, it’s not the same as it was when I originally bought most of it second hand / shrinkwrapped in the late 90s.
Is there any market for this still? I see some people, the usual suspects from, selling some of it through their ebay shops, but no-one offering a complete set.

I might be interested in selling it all hard-copy due to impending moving-houses and shortage of room, but only in a complete set to save the logistical hassle.

Not sure if I could post this topic here, but there’s nowhere else really that I know of I can ask these things nowadays.

I would be interested depending on cost I am currently buying 2e stuff and converting to 5e

Quite a fair bit. I’m in the midst of hunting down a few missing ones and they’re getting harder to find all the time.

If you have the boxed sets with intact maps they can go for $75 a piece. Particularly expanded and revised with the cloth map.

The modules go for $40ish… And don’t get me started on Terrors beyond Tyr.

Unless you’re selling it to me, in which case it’s worth a cool $50, tops.

Will get back to you asap!
Right now drawing up a list for my own bookkeeping, making sure all is complete.

I have the original and the revised campaign settings and all other boxes sets afaik like City by the Silt Sea, Ivory Triangle, Mind Lords. I do have the cloth map with the revised, not sure if I have the original one (or did that not come with cloth map?)

Is there some master release list I can check off against for completeness?

Oh and is Terrors beyond Tyr the same as MC Dark Sun Appendix, Terrors of the Desert, TSR2405 ?
[Edit: NM, just found it’s a different one, I just have both.]

Here’s the best list I know of

The original boxed set has the old style art and no cloth map. The Revised and Expanded has the cloth map (if you have a copy from the first print run), and is in the newer excessively orange color scheme.

Hi ,

the campaignbox 1.ed you get via eBay / Amazon for 30-40€.

the revised box mostly in the same price range.

the 11 Adventure boxes you will get it for 10-20€ each mostly.

Monstercompendium about 15-20€

Terrors beyond tyr 30-40€

Complete Psionic handbook 20€

Complete Gladiators handbook 20-30€

Elves of Athas 20 €

Tri Kreen Handbook 20-30€

Psionic Artefacts 20-30€

The Will and the Way 20-30€

Earth,Wind,Water &Fire 30-40€

Preserves of Athas 20€

Dune Traiders,Veilled Alliance,Slave Tribes abaou 15-20€ each

City by the Silt Sea Box 40-50€

Wind Riders of the Jagged Cliffs 20-30€

Dragon Kings 30€

Valley of Dust and Fire 20-30€

Mind Lords of the Last Sea 30-40€

so if u will get a complete set i think you must count with 500 -600 € . thats a good price.but it will need a little bit time you get all via eBay/Amazon and co.