Concrete in past and present eras

I’d think obviously the various cement formulas must have been known in the Green Age, most likely still to this day (cement mortar).

So, what about concrete?

“Fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement (cement paste) that hardens (cures) over time.”

I thought the giant transport tunnels right out of science fiction that criss-cross Athas’ underground in some places (like in Marnita) could only exist if they were lined with massive concrete supports.


The Roman’s started widespread use of concrete around 600bc or so? Though they were not the first, I believe some ancient American cultures also left concrete examples in a few scattered places.

Turns out that the formula the Roman’s used that lasted so long is due to the secret ingredients of volcanic ash and volcanic sand. Something that is likely to be prominent in Athas. I would be surprised if it hadn’t been invented or discovered sooner than later in Athas, nor if it still was actively being used.


Strange how in the prism pentad they really only mention mud bricks and huge stones hauled with brute force. It makes sense what you’re saying but I always viewed athasians as more primitive in the modern age. Heck Caelum doesn’t even understand athas revolves around the sun. And he’s a priest of the sun.


And the addition of seawater. That apparently was key in how long lasting some of their structures were.


You might all be referring to the Roman concrete variety specifically used for ports. Unlike other concrete it has not crumbled away because something in its composition gets activated by seawater in contact with cracks, plugging the gaps. Other types of concrete - open-air - should be rubble by now, two or three thousand years after their casting.


Primitive lasers or sasers anyone? The ancient Americans were suspected of the first and the ancient Egyptians of the second… but that’s potentially alternative history which is besides my point. The point is that Athas could totally have used either.

I think the source material was based on the guesses of how the pyramids were made back when said source material was written.


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