Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function? - Lunar Conjunctions on Athas

I have an update on my moons of Athas blog on lunar conjunctions.

find it here: Moons of Athas: Conjunctions part 3 - Conjunction junction, what’s your function?

I cover more details on the moons with some ideas to implement.

One of the biggest events to have happen in the Athasian heavens is the lunar conjunction or “eclipse” that happens every 11 years. This conjunction happens on the first day of the year or High Sun. It also marks the start of a new Endlean Cycle. See 2e Dark Sun Campaign Setting pg 85.

“The endlean cycle is complete when Athas’ two moons, Ral and Guthay, meet in the heaven, a major eclipse that occurs once every 11 years.”

The 3e DS rule book contains similar language. See page 191. Unfortunately, the 4e Campaign Setting only specified that “Every 11 years an eclipse occurs,” without any relation as to whether it is a lunar conjunction, a solar eclipse, or lunar eclipse. The campaign setting for 2e and 3e make it clear that it is a meeting of the two moons in the heavens.

One of the best depictions of this conjunction his is found in the short story “Service” by Lynne Abbey in the Black Flames supplement. There, she describes an avangion casting a spell on the same day as this important conjunction as a templar, Gelmin watches on. If the spell is not cast on that day, the avangion would have to wait for another 11 years.

“Ral and Guthay met in the heavens as Gelmin neared the pinnacle. He watched in awe as golden light shot up from the shadows toward the moons as they conjoined. The beam brightened momentarily, then faded, but others rose to take its place, growing more intense and lasting longer as pale Ral crept across the face of darker Guthay. Gelmin shivered, but not from the chill air. The legend said that the avangion began its metamorphosis by casting golden light into the heavens to draw down the power of the moons.”



In 3.5e terms, that would be an ad hoc mitigating factor for an epic spell. Not having it wouldn’t prevent the metamophosis, but it without this ad hoc factor meeting the Spellcraft DC would be a lot more difficult. I used them when designing my defiler metamophosis.

I was hoping that someone else would do the preserver metamophosis but it’s looking like I’ll have to come up with it myself.

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Nostalgic turn of phrase…

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