Conversion: Mage Archetype Class

0th level

The usual (8) picks for a mage are: 2 Saves (Int and Cha), 2 skills (Arcana and Deception) and the Sorcery and/or Wizardry feature (to be able to cast as either Sorcerer and/or Wizard). This leaves 3 picks for cantrips (or both and 2 cantrips). Either feature gives “Tool proficiency” with spell components or a focus.

Half-Giants and full Dwarves cannot become mages. Mul mages are possible but unheard of, as are Halfling defilers.

Mage Archetype
One Mage Level and one Mage class feature per level

Preserver vs Defiler

  • Preserving:
    Being good comes at a cost. Your ability score to cast arcane spells is the minimum of Int and Cha.
  • Defiling:
    You can use the highest of Int and Cha when defiling.
  • Everyone starts out with the ability to preserve. Each time one chooses to defile, spell points used become “Defiler points”. These point can then only be used for defiling. After not using these point for about a year, they become regular or “Preserver points” again. Maybe specific quests are needed or can speed up the redemption process. This mechanism makes it tempting to defile sometimes and hard to go back (but not impossible). Once all of a Mage’s spell points are Defiler points one can only return in extraordinary cases.

Mage Level and Spells

  • You can combine Sorcerer and Wizard if you bought both proficiencies. These level stack and combine into one mage level.
  • Each mage level gives one spell known as a sorcerer or two spells as wizard (in his/her spellbook). Optionally, a mage with both Sorcery and Wizardry can upgrade a previous spellbook spell to one known as a Sorcerer (instead of a new spellbook spell).
  • A mage can prepare one spell per mage level plus ability modifier.
  • The base rules for Psionics gives an increasing number of Power Points (1 PP per level per level). You can convert these into slots depending on your Mage Level. At Mage Levels 3, 5, 7 and 9 you can convert that many PP into 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level Spell Slots. Any remaining PP can be used for 1st level spells, metamagic or psionics.

Mage Class Features

  • Either version of mage can pick either version of class features. So even with just Wizardry you can pick metamagic (sorcerer class feature), like Subtle Spell (no verbal or somatic components for +1 spell level).
  • Wizardry
    This starting feat gives Scribe Scroll and access to a spellbook (which is a collection of scrolls). Note that spell books/scrolls are usually disguised as something else, like beads with weird scratches on them or clothing with certain embroidery.
  • Schools of magic
    Each school has one or two spells per spell level. You can cast spells as a specialist if you know one spell of each spell level you can cast. You can then use bought subclass features. A mage, especially with many spellbook spells, can have multiple specializations. (Todo: details of specializations)
  • Sorcery
    You can change Spell Slots back into PP. You only get a number equal to the slot’s level.
  • Font of Magic
    You can buy one extra Power Point per mage level usable like Sorcery points. Spells cast from this reserve do not Defile as they are recharged slowly during a long rest.
  • Other Mage class features
    Any Wizard or Sorcerer class feature might be eligible, but might need adaptation to be suitable and balanced.
  • You can buy extra spells (above your level) up to your ability score modifier. Spells deciphered from scrolls still need to be bought with points. Optionally you can have a maximum of Int mod + Cha mod extra spells, where spells known as a Sorcerer count as two and a spell-book spell counts as one.