Conversion to Sword of Cepheus

Thought I’d share a little conversion project I’ve been working on. It’s not yet complete, but I’ve been posting it bit by bit on my blog.

I’ve been converting the Dark Sun setting to the Sword of Cepheus RPG. Sword of Cepheus is a fantasy RPG based on the open-source rule set The Cepheus Engine, which is basically an OSR version of the old Sci-fi RPG Traveller. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a skill-based 2D6 system. There are no levels.

It’s a somewhat harsher, and bloodier system than D&D. I think it’s an excellent fit to the grim, harsh world of Athas. Cepheus/Traveller already has psionics rules, and there are over 30 years of various Traveller house rules and variants than can be repurposed for Athas.

My latest bit is a list of spells for elemental clerics of Earth. I decided to limit the spells for clerics entirely to spells related to their element.

Here’s all of the Dark Sun/Sword of Cepheus posts I’ve made so far.