Converted 2e adventure to 3.5e

All these years have passed since 3.5e.

Does anybody here converted any adventure (or at least the NPCs) from 2e to 3.5e?

I know that some adventures have had some conversions done:

A little knowledge
Arcane Shadows
Merchant House of Amketch
Road to Urik

But did someone converted something else?


Where did you see those conversions?

This is unofficial stuff. It’s why I was wondering if we could have a drive to put all this fan made things somewhere accessible for all fans.


That would be great.

I did most of those conversions back in the day - if you want the original files, give me a shout and I’ll send them over so they can be stored somewhere public.

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@Kamelion Unless you have made some modification to your original files (or those I have), maybe I can publish them on my website?

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Boom! Yes please. I love the new Dark Sun renaissance we are doing.

@Grummore No, I haven’t changed them since the 3e days. I think someone (Elonarc maybe?) did some edits to one or two of them but I’d have to check. Go ahead and publish them and I’ll see if I have any updated versions :slight_smile:

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I there. I simply put it in my drive for now. You can access these by this address:

Now, like I said, it would be great to do a much bigger share of what I actually have on my drive. If you have stuff, we could share it all with the DS community.