Cost of Travel by land or by sea

How much does it cost to travel with a caravan (a small or a big one like shom)?

How much does it cost to travel by silt skimmer?

How much does it cost for different service of travel?

I cannot find anything about this.

I have not ever seen anything ‘official’ on these. Travel arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis. What one may pay at a fair price may be to another outrageously expensive. A person good at bargaining may be able to convince a caravan master to charge only one ceramic, while another may end up paying two.

And it would also depend on whether or not the person traveling is an asset to the rest of the caravan. A fighter with a good sword might be able to arrange travel arrangments as part of an agreement to help stand night watch, while a commoner with little to no skill at fighting may need to pay extra.

It is of my opinion that travel by means of silt skimmer is always an expensive venture, and dangerous too, but a great way to create adventure!

That’s what I think, but it’s good to have a base for the standard guy who only wish to be a traveller and pay only for that.

1 to 2 cp per day of travel could always be cheaper if willing to work for it and as high as 5cp to 1 sp per day on high end travel in luxury is how I’ve always worked it

That would be your cost for standard ground caravan?

Yes however Silt travel would be more in the 5cp to 1sp per day but once you have players high enough to be able to survive the area the cost isn’t that bad cause they should be able to afford it