Could Lalali-Puy be a corrupted pyreen?

Now - this isn’t really going to fly if Rajaat is also a corrupted pyreen in your campaign. If Rajaat is not a pyreen but a mutant, as in the PP, then there is room for Lalali-Puy being a pyreen. Lalali-Puy could have been attracted to Rajaat’s cause due to believing that the rebirth was a mistake, and had to be reversed.

The 3.5e stats for pyreen are in Legends of Athas. Instead of druid abilities, Lalali-Puy would have sorcerer abilities, accomplished with the help of Rajaat.

All of a sudden the “forest goddess” routine and the enslavement of nature spirits starts to make sense. It also explains why the Oba is such an outlier among the Sorcerer Monarchs. An objection might be as follows: “hold on a moment - the cleansing wars was a war of humans against the other races. Why would the other champions accept a pyreen?”.

Two answers this. One, Rajaat himself was barely human and visibly non-human. The other is that pyreen have the ability to appear as other races, and as an advanced being champion, sorcerer and psion, Lalali-Puy would have the ability to conceal her true nature if necessary.

Another potential objection is that Lalali-Puy did not stand with Rajaat during the rebellion. I see Lalali-Puy as chaotic type, and she probably decided that she didn’t want to be under the thumb of Rajaat anymore and would rather be a “goddess” to the gullible masses.

If Lalali-Puy were a corrupted pyreen, this knowledge would be unknown to most people and be a highly kept secret. It could be a great reveal in a campaign involving Lalali-Puy.

For what its worth, Lalali-Puy as a pyreen also provides the opportunity to create an interesting and very different statblock for a Sorcerer Monarch.


Interesting character revision. About problem “Why would the other champions accept a pyreen?” - others can even dont know “what is pyreen” or “how to recognize”. Even champions arent omniscient about each other :wink:

Another good point would be in rivalry about Gulg and Nibenay. Shadow King can know, that Lalali can have untypical powers, therefore he don’t want start open, full-scale war. He know, that in theory Gulg have lesser potential and he should win normal war, but “Forest Godness” have some big tricks, unknown for him. And he have some fear.

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